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How to Use a Boar Bristle Round Brush for Volume and Shine

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How to Use a Boar Bristle Round Brush for Volume and Shine

At Spornette, we believe that your hairbrush should not be an afterthought. High-quality hair brushes are an integral part of every hair care and beauty routine. That’s why we offer more than one boar bristle round brush in our collection.

Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair routine. We make brushes for the style you want!

Before you purchase your first boar bristle round brush, take a look at our collection below. All of them will help you achieve the perfect amount of volume and shine in your look. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using a boar bristle round brush and how to use each one for added volume and stunning shine. 

What is a Boar Bristle Round Brush?

brown round brush with rat tail handle and boar bristles

The boar bristle round brushes may have ceramic or wooden barrels and come in many barrel sizes for multiple hair lengths and styles.

These brushes help to create looks from voluminous curls to swoopy curtain bands to sleek and straight locks. 

The Benefits of Using a Boar Bristle Round Brush

Boar bristle round brushes add versatility to your hair care routine. When you incorporate a blow-dryer, your style options are limitless. You can rock curls by adding volume one day, then go for the sleek and straight look the next. 

The bristles distribute the natural oils in the hair to give it that beautiful, natural shine. If you want to add more shine after blow-drying, add a shine spray to your routine!

The natural boar bristles paired with the round shape of the brush make it easier to straighten your hair. When using a hair-dryer, divide the hair into sections and keep it under the concentrated area of heat. With the right barrel size, these brushes even work for short hair!

Round brushes help achieve the popular blow-out look or create the perfect curtain bang. Get the look through the perfect amount of tension and control while you style your hair.

Italian Rounder 

Italian rounder small round brush. A boar bristle round brush

The Italian Rounder is a boar bristle with reinforced nylon bristle round brush that comes in three different diameters and sizes and is suitable for medium to long locks. 

You can also choose from standard bristle length and extra dense bristles for those with more or longer hair. The Italian Rounder is perfect for adding finishing touches when your locks are nearly dry. 

These boar hair rounders are meticulously crafted in Italy with a lightweight wooden barrel that doesn’t get hot while using a blow dryer. The Italian Rounder can be left in the sections of hair after drying to cool and help create long-lasting, shiny, voluminous styles.  

Mini Styler Boar

Mini Stylers Boar boar bristle round brush from Spornette

The Mini Styler Boar is the optimal rounder for short hair and bangs of any hair type. It adds style and volume with a barrel of only .75″ in diameter. 

The small size is perfect for precision styling and smoothing short layers. The petite size and smooth wooden handle make it easy to maneuver and get to hard-to-reach sections.

To get perfect volume, we recommend lifting away from the root upward toward the ceiling as you dry.

For Thicker Hair Types 

If you have thicker hair, you won’t be left out from experiencing the benefits of a boar bristle round brush. You can add volume to your locks with dual-bristle brushes like the G Porcupine and the Smooth and Shine Collection. Once you purchase one of these round brushes, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. 

G Porcupine Brush

G porcupine boar bristle round brush with enforced nylon bristles.

The G Porcupine round brush is designed to distribute natural hair oils evenly. Distributing these oils enhances your hair’s shine, strength, and moisture, starting from the scalp down through delicate ends. Boar bristles hold the hair in place while the nylon bristles penetrate the hair for controlled styling

Designed with a classic wood handle, the white nylon boar bristles stand out in the shape of a porcupine quill. 

These rounders come in three different sizes and diameters to suit all hair lengths. The 1.75″ comes with a rat-tail style handle, making it easy to create your part and direct sections of your hair while you style. The 2.25″ and the 2.75″ barrels are ideal for styling long hair because of the bigger size. 

Make sure your hair is about 70% dry before styling it while using a blow-dryer to protect your delicate, wet hair

The Smooth and Shine Collection

Smooth and Shine round brush from Spornette

The Smooth and Shine collection features three sizes of hairbrushes to tame thicker tresses while giving them more definition. These brushes come in small (2 1/8″), medium (2 ½”), and large (2 ¾”) diameters to match a variety of lengths.

With a rubber grip handle, you have more control while maintaining comfort during use. The boar bristles are designed at a 45-degree angle to better gather and straighten sections than with straight bristles. 

The Smooth and Shine collection pairs boar bristles and Tourmaline Ionic Nylon bristles to lock strands in place while styling. 

Try Spornette Styling Brushes Today 

A black woman with smoothed and styled hair and posing and pulling her bangs away from her face.

Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair routine. We’re family-owned and operated, working in the industry for three generations. We know how to craft salon-quality brushes that will last a lifetime. Purchase your first Spornette boar bristle round brush or another brush from our collection. You’ll soon learn how these boar bristle brushes naturally add volume to your hair. Visit the Spornette website to order one of these incredible styling brushes today.

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