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The Science Of Boar Bristle Brushes And Their Benefits

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The Science Of Boar Bristle Brushes And Their Benefits

What is the science behind boar bristle brushes? This is a common question among many people. The truth is, there are not so many scientific studies comparing various hair brushes. However, boar brushes are believed to be much better compared to synthetic nylon bristles. Why is this the case? Keep reading to learn.

What Exactly Is A Boar Bristle Brush? 

Most probably, this isn’t the first time you have heard about the boar bristle brush since it’s not a new invention. A boar bristle brush is a hairbrush made using a boar’s hair. But that shouldn’t put you off, though. This hairbrush has been used by stylists and celebrities alike for decades. 

This hairstyling brush is made using boar hair and has been around for many years. Boar hair is almost similar to human hair in terms of texture. As a result, it produces a lot of benefits for your scalp and hair. In this post, we will highlight some of the benefits. 

What Is The Science Behind Bristle Brushes? 


As mentioned, there aren’t so many studies comparing hair brushes. But there are a few of them that we came across that you can have a look at.

The first scientific research pointed out something more obvious: different hair brushes affect your hair differently depending on their structure. The scientists found that the spacing between bristles has a major impact. Also, they found that different bristles materials might have a distinct tendency for abrasion. 

What makes it interesting is that the study found that brushing long hair makes it break more. This research also found that hair brushes distribute hair over a huge area, compared to a comb that tries to bring the hair together. This implies that a hairbrush offers a better chance of evenly spreading than a comb when it comes to oil distribution. 

The boar’s hair is believed to act as a natural oil reservoir so that it can lubricate hair better. Even though there isn’t any data to support this, there is a hypothesis that boar bristles may do a good job when it comes to spreading oil than a comb. This is because boar hair brushes could have a greater affinity for oils than nylon hair brushes.

Benefits Of The Boar or Natural Bristle Brush?

Using a boar or natural bristle brush can be beneficial to your hair. How? Here are some of the benefits of using a boar or natural bristle brush.

Promotes Healthy Hair Grow

One of the sciences behind bristle hairbrush is that it promotes healthy hair growth. Boar bristle brushes slowly massage your scalp, thus unclogging the hair follicles and increasing blood flow. One of the factors that help hair growth is the blood flow to the hair follicles. Your hair can’t grow without blood flow. Lack of blood flow may lead to slow growth or hair loss.

Conditions Your Hair

Another benefit of a natural bristle brush is that it naturally conditions your hair. It helps distribute your scalp’s sebaceous oil evenly on your hair. As a result, the whole strand of your hair is coated with oil instead of having it just sit on your scalp. This makes the best natural conditioner.

Help Boost Hair Volume

Quality round boar bristle brushes offer a lot of tension on your hair when blow-drying. Round boar bristle brushes are perfect for people with thicker hair, coarse hair, and curly texture. When wrapped with the hair, the tension created by the hairbrush helps smoothen the ends of your hair.

Next time you want to style your hair straight, use the right hairbrush. Brushing your hair from root to tip helps lay it down flat, thus making your hair strands appear much straighter. Opt for these round hair brushes for a peak body, volume, and shine. 

Add shine

Portrait of a woman with luxurious hair and a beautiful smile

As mentioned, boar bristle brushes help evenly distribute the scalp’s oil all over the hair. As a result, it makes your hair shiny. If you use chemically-laden hair shine sprays daily, you might think switching to natural products means dull hair. You are very wrong! Boar bristle brushes will give you a better shine than you could ever get with chemical-laden sprays.

It Prevents Hair Frizz And Breakages

The scalp’s sebaceous oil plays a significant role as the natural protectant for hair. A boar bristle hairbrush helps prevent hair breakage, seal split ends, and minimizes frizz. As a result, this makes it better than any anti-frizz product available on the market today. On top of that, it gives hair more elasticity and minimizes breakage.

Cleans hair

Using boar bristle brushes to brush your hair takes the oil that’s usually weighing down the roots making them appear greasy, and distributes them throughout the hair. This will eliminate the oiliness at the root.

Also, it will get rid of excess oils on your hair by trapping them on the bristles. Besides, the hairbrush helps catch dirt, fuzz, and waste materials that usually build up on your hair and scalp like a magnet.

Why Are Boar Bristle Brushes Superior To Artificial Bristles?

  • They move through the hair easily compared to synthetic hair brushes.
  • Boar bristle brushes contain some proteins called keratin.
  • They are suitable for most hair types, especially thick, coarse or curly hair.
  • They help distribute natural oils found in your hair easily.

Use Boar Bristle Brushes To Take Care Of Your Hair

Now you know the science behind boar bristle brush and whether it was worth it. Nothing will give you shiny hair, healthy hair, and scalp or increase volume like a boar bristle brush. 

So, what’s stopping you from purchasing one? Head to our website or contact us today and buy a quality boar bristle brush at an affordable price. No doubt you’ll love it!

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