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Have a Great Hair Day with the Best Brush For Fine Hair

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Have a Great Hair Day with the Best Brush For Fine Hair

You wake-up in the morning, look in the mirror and wonder what your style solution will be for the day. If you have fine hair, you might focus on the limitations, but you don’t have to! You have options so long as you have the best brush for fine hair in your arsenal. 

Spornette offers a variety of solutions to style every hair type. Professionals and non-professionals use these brushes because of their trusted reputation. Thick hair, fine hair, curly, or straight, investing in the right brush for your hair can make all of the difference. 

Ready to dive into fine hair? We will tackle the trials and tribulations while offering a solution to your hair woes. 

What makes hair “fine”?

A girl with fine, curly, red hair smiling and touching her hair.

When someone says fine hair, they are referring to the hair texture. The strands’ width, diameter, and circumference all play a factor. Fine hair is smaller in diameter, while thick hair is larger. 

If you are not sure of your hair type, you can pluck a strand from your head to test. Rub the strand between two fingers. If you can feel it, your hair is thick, and if not, your hair is fine. 

How to best care for fine hair

A woman with fine hair that is wet after a shower.

The right products are key to care for fine hair. Start with adding volume using a shampoo and conditioner created for your hair type. 

If you have fine hair, you want to avoid adding too much moisture. It will leave your hair looking flat and lifeless. Leave-in treatments can help to detangle, so you protect your hair before brushing and styling. 

Try to allow your hair to dry well before brushing. Fine hair is especially prone to breakage, so follow our advice for delicate hair and allow it to air dry if you can– to 70% dry at least. 

If you have to use a blow-dryer, try to use it on a low setting, and don’t forget a heat protectant! 

What are style options for fine hair?

Embed from Getty Images
Emma Stone is a celebrity that rocks her fine hair.

It all starts with the right cut! Short hair works great for fine hair because long hair tends to weigh it down. 

Try a bob or “lob.” Wispy bangs or long layers if you want to keep longer hair also work well. 

When it comes to coloring, you can try ombre highlights to add dimension. The technique is also fantastic for adding depth to any style! 

Now you have the cut, and you have the color, what are you going to do about style? 

The goal for styling fine hair is to add volume. A deep part can add the illusion of fullness. You can also switch it up by doing a jagged part in the middle, making hair appear thicker. 

Hair can appear full if you add waves. Quality styling tools are worth the price for added protection of your fine strands. 

If you want to pull your hair back, try an up-do or bun with a little backcombing for added volume. With the best brush for your fine hair, you can create numerous stunning looks. 

How can you add life to your locks?

A woman with curly, fine hair holding mousse in her hand.

Stylists have a few beauty tricks up their sleeves to add life back into your fine locks. Here are some top suggestions: 

  • Try blow-drying your hair upside down
  • Use a brush designed for fine hair to prevent breakage
  • When it comes to products; less is more
  • Never sleep on wet hair, or it will be limp in the morning

What is the best brush for fine hair?

Spornette is the answer to finding the best brush for fine hair because of the options! We will look at the best type of brush for your toolbox! 

Deville 100% Boar Rounder

The Deville 100% Boar Rounder is the best brush for fine hair

The Deville 100% boar rounder is the queen of boar bristle round brushes for fine hair. It is a fantastic brush for straight hair. 

Choose the smaller diameter if you have shorter hair while opting for a larger diameter if you have length. 

The brush gets its name from the 100% natural boar bristles that distribute your hair’s natural oils from root to tip. The result? Shiny, healthy-looking hair that boosts your natural beauty. 

Deville 100% Boar Cushion

The Deville 100% Boar Cushion brush is the best brush for fine hair.

The Deville 100% Boar Cushion tops our list of cushion brushes for fine hair. This brush features boar bristles that remove dead hairs and distribute natural oils. 

It is gentle with a shock-absorbing rubber cushion that aids in preventing damage. Use this brush to keep your strands healthy and stunning! 

Touche Aerated

The Touche Aerated round brush from Spornette is a great brush for fine hair

The Touche Aerated is not just beneficial for fine hair but also thick and normal hair! Quality enough for salon use and sufficient for home. 

There are six different barrel diameters to choose from! Many hair enthusiasts own multiple layers to tackle all hair woes. A smaller diameter can work for those wispy bangs, while a larger diameter to get at your long layers! 

The aluminum barrel heats when you use a blow-dryer to style waves and create the perfect flip with ease! This brush features nylon bristles that penetrate the hair strands effectively. 

Brent Paddle Brush

The Brent Paddle Brush is great for fine hair and sensitive scalps.

To add volume and length to your fine hair with extensions, you need this brush. It is a gentle brush, making it ideal for artificial hair. If you have a sensitive scalp, this is also the brush for you! 

The brush has looped bristles, designed by master hairstylist Brent Hardgrave. These bristles will not get stuck in the adhesives or netting that come with extensions or wigs. 

The Brent Paddle Brush also has boar bristles to gently and safely glide through your hair. It has a beautiful wood design that looks classic resting on any vanity. 

Make your fine hair look its best with a Spornette brush!

Fine curly hair on a yellow background.

We dug deep into fine hair and brought you the best brushes in our line for fine hair, so you don’t have to stress! Spornette knows that you, the customer, are at the heart of every style! 

Our company offers a wide range of brushes for all your styling needs. Our brushes are held to the highest standards as they are used by the very best in the beauty industry! 

Visit Spornette for more tips, tricks, and options, and be on your way to the perfect look every day of the year!

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