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What Do Ball-Tipped Bristles Do?

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What Do Ball-Tipped Bristles Do?

Hair’s life matters. The type of brush you use also matters for the long-term health of your hair. If you’re a person that cares about your hair, then you will no doubt love Spornette’s variety of brushes with ball-tipped bristles. 

The brushes with ball-tipped bristles from Spornette offer many benefits for all types of hair. From fine to coarse or curly, and everywhere between, Spornette’s ball-tipped bristles will revolutionize how you brush your hair. 

Give your hair the softness and shine it deserves. Spornette offers an extensive line of brushes so all hair types can benefit.

What are ball-tipped bristles?

Spornette Classic Gentle Cushion Dual Bristle Hairbrush overhead view

You’ve no doubt noticed the tiny balls on the ends of certain styles of brushes. The infamous ball tip has permeated its way into nearly every home across the country since its conception. From dollar stores to high-end salons, many people think brushes have always been made that way. 

Most early brushes were made of natural fibers. However, it wasn’t until the 1890’s that an African American female inventor named Lyda Newman developed what we would consider the “modern-day” brush. 

Made of synthetic bristles, the brush Lyda invented eventually developed into the various vented, paddle, and cushion styles. 

The evolution of the ball-tip itself has unknown origins. It was most likely developed to cushion the scalp from the sometimes blunt ends of the nylon spokes. 

Even though nylon was easier to produce via the mass market, natural fibers had still been preferred for shine and comfort. However, when the ball tip became more mainstream, it quickly became the leader of the pack.  

People quickly found out the ball tips were just as good, if not better than natural fibers. Nylon fibers made getting through thick, tough hair tolerable to brush; something natural fibers could never do. 

Those with straight or mildly wavy hair also noticed the difference. The nylon fibers, combined with the ball-tip, allowed the brush to glide effortlessly through nearly straight tresses. 

Due to nylon’s superior detangling benefits, prolonged use ensured less breakage overtime for all hair types. Less breakage equals healthier, more beautiful hair.

All these benefits quickly made nylon ball-tips stand out above the crowd. 

How Can a Ball-Tipped Bristles Benefit Me? 

Thin blue and black rounder brush with long ball-tipped bristles top view

The round toppers were added to nylon fibers to protect and cushion the scalp from the blunt nylon fibers’ sometimes sharp ends. Those with sensitive scalps could rest assured that they were protecting their scalps. 

Like microbeads in soaps and cleansers, the ball-tipped bristles can help exfoliate dead skin cells. Exfoliating the scalp provides more oxygen to the shaft, in turn stimulating more blood flow. When done consistently, this stimulation can promote healthier hair growth. 

Who doesn’t want a more luscious mane? From fine to coarse, straight to curly, all hair types can benefit from a ball-tipped brush. 

Which Brush is Right for Me?

Spornette Ion Fusion Hairbrush

Much like finding the right pair of shoes, finding the right brush may take some trial and error. Thankfully, Spornette offers a wide variety of hairbrushes so that you can find the brush of your dreams. Each of Spornette’s hairbrushes is designed for specific purposes. 

So how can you know which one of Spornette’s styling brushes to choose? We could easily recommend all of them, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Start with your hair type. Do you have curly hair? Straight? Fine? Thick? 

Once you have identified your hair type, next think about your hair routine and how you might use the brush to enhance what you are already doing. 

Do you typically style your hair when it’s wet or dry? Is your hair color-treated? Do you have a sensitive scalp? Are you looking to keep the hair’s natural texture or wanting to smooth it down?

Finally, think about the look you’re going for. Do you want to detangle a disheveled mess? Possibly enhance your curls? Or give your straight hair some extra shine? 

All hair types can benefit from one of Spornette’s amazing brushes. 

Simple Solutions for Amazing Hair

A portrait of a girl with pretty hair

Now that you’ve narrowed down what you are looking for let’s take a look into some of Spornette’s brushes that are perfect for the job. 

  • Vented Brushes: Vented brushes are great for wet hair, allowing for fast dry times and brushing ease. They slide easily through even the thickest of hair. The wide-set nylon spokes help reduce breakage, preventing split ends.

Do you live in a dry climate and struggle with hair that is prone to static? The 9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush is the perfect tool to help detangle. This brush with ball-tipped bristles is ideal for styling your hair with a blow-dryer while preventing unwanted static cling.

  • Paddle Brushes: Paddle brushes are a girl’s best friend when it comes to styling. Spornette’s Ion Fusion Paddle Brush glides effortlessly through long, delicate locks. Its single-piece handle prevents hair from getting wrapped around the shaft. The ball-tipped bristles have a negative ionic charge, preventing static and frizz while protecting the scalp.
  • Cushion Brushes – cushion styles are great for already dried hair. The Classic Nylon is great for classic brush-outs, finishing, and styling. These brushes are an amazing tool to have in your arsenal against frizz and fly-aways. 
  • Combination Fibers: Like the comfort of both ball-tipped bristles and natural fibers? Look no further than Spornette’s Classic German Porcupine

The best of both worlds come together in this brush. The comfort of the ball tip, the smooth shine natural fibers produce. You can’t go wrong! 

Buy One or Buy Them All? 

dark purple cushion brush with white bristles

It’s hard to narrow your choices down to just one brush. Thankfully, Spornette’s brushes are at the heart of every style, making each brush a sure bet for gorgeous hair. 

Their unparalleled line of brushes has transformed how people use such a simple tool.

Check out their website today to see how one of Spornette’s brushes with ball-tipped bristles can benefit you!

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