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9 Tips for Healthy Hair

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9 Tips for Healthy Hair

When you have healthy hair, it should be shiny, smooth, and feel nice to the touch. Has your hair been feeling dull, dry, hay-like, or frizzy? These all may be signs that your hair is crying out for some TLC!

If you’re trying to give your hair the best products on the market, try a hairbrush from Spornette today. When you use a Spornette styling brush, you are one step closer to having gorgeous and healthy hair every day!

Here are nine essential tips that you can apply to prevent hair damage and make your hair healthy again.

1. Stay Hydrated

A woman with long, healthy hair drinking a glass of water with fruit in it.

One-fourth of your hair strands are mainly composed of water. When you’re dehydrated, your hair strands will become dry and lose their shine. This leads to hair thinning, especially if you constantly heat style your hair.

Proper hydration can help nourish and strengthen your hair. As such, drink two to three liters of water daily to help with hair growth and keep your hair healthy.

2. Remember to Have a Balanced Diet

A womanw ith beautiful healthy hair eating a salad.

Ingredients of hair products include Vitamin E, C, and A, which promote strong and shiny hair. They also play an essential role in preventing hair loss.

Consider also having some fatty acids, like Omega-3, to repair your hair from the inside. As such, you must have a balanced diet rich in minerals and proteins to achieve healthy hair.

If you’re planning on supplementing your diet with vitamins, check with a health professional and get the all-clear first.

3. Refrain from Washing Your Hair Daily

Hair produces sebum, a natural oil, which moisturizes your hair and serves as a protective barrier for your scalp. Meanwhile, shampoos contain sulfates that capture and trap sebum. 

Regularly washing your hair with shampoo will wash away all the natural oil. As a result, your scalp will dry out, making your hair frizzy. It can also lead to hair thinning and hair loss. As such, only wash your hair two to three times a week with either lukewarm or cold water.

4. Use the Right Hairbrush 

The Deville 100% Boar Cushion brush is the best brush for fine hair.

Using the right hairbrush makes a difference in your hair’s health. The right hairbrush will not only decrease hair strain and pain, but it’ll also promote healthy hair.

For instance, Spornette’s cushion brushes with boar bristles are great in distributing your hair’s natural oils. An evenly distributed oil helps moisten your hair and adds an extra shining effect. As a result, you’ll get to achieve smooth and silky manageable hair.

Aside from this, boar bristle brushes also stimulate the capillaries, promoting blood circulation in the scalp. Stimulating the scalp will increase nutrient flow in your hair, making it bouncy. 

Another benefit of using Spornette’s Deville 100% Boar Paddle or Cushion is that it helps balance your sebaceous glands. Brushing with boar bristles allows your glands to retain natural oils, which nourish the scalp, and in turn, your hair.

Any type of hair can reap the benefits of a boar bristle brush; however, using Deville 100% Boar cushion for fine hair yields better results. Meanwhile, the Ion Fusion Cushion Brush is great for those with thicker hair types due to the added nylon bristles.

5. Massage Your Scalp for 30 Minutes

Getting a hair scalp massage stretches out the cells within the hair follicles. This helps increase blood flow and dilate the blood vessels beneath the skin. 

Such stimulation can help prompt hair growth improving hair thickness. Take time to massage your scalp with oil at least twice a week for 30 minutes for healthier hair. Or, make sure to really massage your head with your fingertips (no nails!) while you shampoo.

6. Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment

A brunette woman using a hair mask for healthy hair.

If your hair is feeling dry with split ends, it’s probably time for a deep conditioning treatment. While conditioning treatments can’t repair hair damage, they can make it feel softer and look better.

And, using a deep conditioner regularly can set your new hair growth up for stunning and healthy locks.

We recommend using a deep conditioner about once a week to encourage beautiful and healthy hair. 

7. Use Hair Oils and Serums 

Applying hair serum and oils is one hair care tip that you shouldn’t forget, especially if you regularly use hot tools for your hair. Hair serums and oils can protect your hair from harmful UV rays and heat. It moistens your hair preventing it from drying, allowing you to have silky and nourished hair.

They are also perfect for detangling hair as they help lessen hair strain and snags.

8. Be Smart In Choosing Shampoo and Conditioner

While shampoos and conditioners can do great to your hair, using the wrong kind can cause more damage. As such, look for products with protective layers and anti-damage features. You also have to consider whether you typically have oily hair or dry hair and what hair type you have.

It helps to limit the number of hair products you use to four. Only use dry shampoo or shampoos, conditioners, and reliable styling products. Adding too many layers of product at one time can make your hair greasy and weigh down your hair or clog your scalp.

9. Minimize Heat Styling to Prevent Hair Damage

A red haired woman using a flat iron on her hair

Heat styling tools like irons impose thermal stress on the hair causing hair damage. For one, it causes the water molecules inside your hair cortex to evaporate. This not only leads to drying and fizziness but also makes your hair less bouncy and prone to damage.

Because of this, make it a point to heat style only when needed for healthy hair.

Instead of blow-drying and following up with another hot tool like a flat iron or curling wand, you can achieve the same styling effect by using Spornette’s round brushes when drying your hair. What’s great about Spornettes’s round brushes is that it allows you to achieve multiple hairstyles without needing another heating tool.

The Smooth Operator Collection is perfect for styling and smoothing all types and sizes of hair. You can also opt to use Touche Reinforced Boar 2 Inch round brush to create soft waves or straighten your hair. The nylon bristles enable it to penetrate through thick hair, allowing you to smoothen and volume your hair any way you want. 

Grab a Spornette Hairbrush for Healthy Hair!

BLonde healthy hair formed to be in the shape of a heart.

If your hair is damaged, you need to try the tips above to ensure you get healthy hair. Consider using brushes from Spornette if you have been working towards achieving healthier hair. If you want a rounder, vents, teasing brush, paddle brush, or detanglers, we’ve got your back!

What are you waiting for? Check out our product list and partner with Spornette today. Contact us today, and let us help bring you closer to achieving gorgeous and healthy hair.

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