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7 Stunning Professional Hairstyles for Zoom Work Meetings

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7 Stunning Professional Hairstyles for Zoom Work Meetings

The office has continued to evolve to include home created workspaces. Going to work now could mean going to the next room over after your morning coffee. Making Zoom-ready easy, professional hairstyles just became easier with Spornette brushes. 

Whether you’re attending a Zoom meeting or virtual job interview, professional hairstyles for women have had to evolve with the times. Just because you may be conducting your business from home doesn’t mean you get to show off your bed head all day.

At the heart of every style is the perfect brush. Spornette has put together for you 7 professional and easy hairstyles, paired with just the right Spornette brush to create the look.

A woman wearing a simple braid as a professional hairstyle and posing

1. The Simple Braid

Having a professional look for your next Zoom meeting doesn’t need to take hours in the bathroom to create. Keeping your style easy and simple does less work for you in the morning but still conveys professionalism to the camera.

A braid is a very classic and easy look to achieve. Sure, if you have the time, you can create a great look with a tightly woven French braid. However, a smooth and simple braid shows confidence and beauty. 

A simple braid is often dependent on hair being smoother, silkier. Right out of the shower can help maintain that soft look. A multi-use cushion brush like the Classic German Porcupine can help you get those locks smooth and shiny for the perfect simple braid. You can even dress up the look with a bow! 

A woman working at a laptop with a high ponytail

2. A High and Wrapped Ponytail

For those Zoom meetings that require a more refined look, something contemporary would be a great option. Think sleek, every hair in its place. With a few bobby pins, the perfect paddle brush, and a little hairspray or mousse, this next look is also easy as pie.

A high pony is super easy and classic, good for play, work, or evening. Transform the look into a more modern style and a bit more elegant by wrapping your high ponytail. The shine from the wrap of your hair around the pony holder transcends a simple pony into something more.

Like the simple low braid, this style requires your hair to be smooth as silk. Using our Luxury Cushion brush will help you smooth every strand to your head to create this gorgeous look. 

A half bun professional hairstyle

3. The Half and Half

At first glance, the half-up, half-down look of this style executed beautifully like such celebrities as Meghan Markel might seem a bit of a challenge. You don’t need to be a professional hairstylist to achieve this look. 

The beauty of the half and half look is versatile, looks different with every choice, and is much easier than it seems. A half-bun hairstyle hides all manner of sins. No one is looking at the back of your head on camera, anyway.

Another look to hop out of the shower and create is the half and half. You can easily achieve this look with a cool vented brush like our Ion Fusion Vent.

A portrait of a woman wearing a top knot professional hairstyle

4. The Top Knot

An easy look that is casual and professional all at the same time is the insanely popular top knot. The coolest thing about the top knot is that it looks like you spent hours on your look, when in fact, that’s a secret hard no. Easy and elegant, the top knot looks great on camera. 

Literally, for those with longer locks, you take ‘em and twist ‘em around your hand and knot ‘em. You can take a pony holder to help “tie the knot” or use some bobby pins to hold the look in place. Gently pulling some strands out to frame your face adds a sweet softness to your look. 

A paddle brush like the Deville 100% Boar Cushion helps give you the smoothness you need while working on the knot and create the effortless look that looks anything but.

A woman with the ends of her hair flipped out ina professional looking style

5. Get Flipped Out

Flipping out on a Zoom meeting isn’t cool at all – unless you are talking about your hair! Some of these up-dos turn into up-don’ts for those with shorter hair because you may not have enough locks to achieve them.

Fear not, friends! Simple, classic, and totally you, flipping the ends of your hair out gives you a great and easy professional look. With a little heat and just the right rounding brush like the Spornette Pronto, you’ll have this perfect look in no time flat – more time for coffee!

A woman posing ina professional outfit with wavy hair

6. Ride the Waves

Beach hair, don’t care – the motto of a lazy weekend day or the perfect Boss day at work. Sweet and gentle waves are a great look, regardless of the length of your locks. Wavy hair is surprisingly versatile as well – choose a middle part, side part, or tucked behind the ear, and they all ride the wave!

Since you want to help your waves come along with good heat without damage, the Spornette Magnesium Miracle brush is the perfect option. It can take the heat and infuse your hair with it while keeping it gentle on your hair. 

A womanw ith straight hair and wearing triangle clips

7. Straight Up with a Bit of Bling

You look at your alarm and realize that your Netflix binge the night before may have gone a little long. Your time is precious, and you need a look that is super fast – and super professional.

Jumping out of the shower just in time for that Zoom meeting seems like a nightmare, but it can actually be a sweet dream come true. Grab your favorite headband or sparkly clip and your vented “9300” Vent Brush. With a quick blow-dry to create a straight hair look, you are good to hop on Zoom and start your day. 

Professional Hairstyles for the Office or Zoom

A woman having a work Zoom meeting

Choosing what type of sense of humor to have for your day should be the hardest part of it. Your hairstyle should be effortless without looking like it. Spornette brushes help you achieve that professional hairstyle for your Zoom meeting without infringing on your important coffee time in the mornings!

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