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5 Ways to Get Heatless Waves

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5 Ways to Get Heatless Waves

Achieving beautiful waves without damaging your hair used to be a hairstylist’s great mystery. 

The most-reached-for option to create waves is to use hot tools. But, heat damage is a real consequence of using hot tools on just about any hair type.

For curly hair, heat damage results in frizz, tangling, and untamable texture. If you have straight hair, heat damage can make your hair dry and brittle with split ends. Both require lots of hair care and maintenance to restore the health of the natural hair. 

If you want to get gorgeous heatless waves without sacrificing the health of your hair, we’ve got your go-to guide. 

Check out five heat-free curling methods using Spornette hairbrushes to give you the trendy tresses you want!

A woman with wavy hair created with heatless wave methods

1. Use a Silk Hair Roller

Silk rollers have become popular recently because they are safe to use and reduce damage to the hair.

You don’t need to blow-dry your hair, and when left overnight, you wake up to beautiful natural curls. 

If you want to use a silk hair roller, here is how to get the best results: 

  1. Begin with freshly washed or dampened hair 
  2. Use a detangling brush from Spornette to make sure your hair isn’t knotted 
  3. Place the roller on your head, ensuring the sides are even in length
  4. Begin to wrap your hair around the roller, making sure the direction is away from your face
  5. Start at the top and work your way down, adding hair to the roller
  6. Use hair ties to secure your hair to the roller at the bottom
  7. Overnight (or after a few hours), remove the roller 

Your hair should be bouncy and ready for the day. Use your fingers to run through your hair and loosen up the curls. For more of a heatless wave look, leave the roller in for a shorter amount of time.

A woman with dutch braided hair

2. Braiding Your Hair

This is one of the oldest and easiest ways to gets waves in your hair without hot tools.

You can do regular braids or French braids, depending on the desired look. Additionally, you can have multiple braids, making each other thinner, resulting in tighter waves. If you want wider waves, you can do two braids—one braid on each side of your head. 

Braiding your hair to achieve a wavy look is simple in these short steps:

  1. Ensure that your hair is damp 
  2. Use a Luxury Cushion Brush to smooth out and detangle the hair.
  3. Part your hair in the middle, starting at your forehead, down to the nape of your neck using the pointed end of a Little Wonder Teasing Brush.
  4. Braid each side evenly and use hair ties to secure the braids
  5. Remove the braids after several hours or after a good night’s sleep.

Once you remove the hair ties and undo your braids, you can run your fingers through your hair. You can also add a smoothing styling product to ensure that the waves hold for the day.

Flexible rod rollers on a pink.

3. Flexible Rods Overnight

If you are looking for tight curls, flexible rods are a great heatless option. These are also known as corkscrew curls and focus on using fewer strands of hair on each rod. The rods vary in diameter – the smaller the diameter, the tighter the curls. 

Here is how to optimize flexible rods for fabulous spiral curls without heat styling: 

  1. On freshly washed hair, detangle your hair with a Swizzle Detangling Brush
  2. Take small sections of your hair and tightly twist them around the rods beginning with the root of the hair 
  3. Ensure that you only use one rod for each section of hair 
  4. Wrap your hair with a scarf and leave overnight
  5. Take the rods out and gently scrunch your hair 

For best results, you can add some holding spray to keep your curl. The rods are also bendy and made of flexible material that makes them easy to sleep in.

A woman teasing hair in preparation for velcro rollers

4. Traditional Curlers 

These are also known as granny’s curlers. You’ve likely seen your grandma rocking these around the house, making sure she avoids heat damage to her hair—grandma knows best! 

This is one of the most traditional ways to get heatless curls. They’re easy, and the method is tried and true. 

The next time you use traditional curlers, use these steps: 

  1. Pick the diameter of curlers you want 
  2. Section the hair – not too thick – and place curler and the ends
  3. Working your way down to your scalp, wrapping the hair around the curler as you go
  4. Secure the curlers using bobby pins 
  5. Use a Swizzle Detangling Brush on each section of the hair before applying the curler
  6. Keep the curlers in for a few hours before removing them

Tip: These are not comfortable to sleep in, so we don’t recommend it

Depending on the diameter of the curlers, your curls will be wider or tighter.

A woman with curly hair.

5. Curl Training 

For beautiful heatless styles on the regular, your natural waves might be your best option. For a detailed look at curl training, visit our website.

One of the advantages is that there is no need for barrel curling with curl training. You can achieve a heatless hairstyle that is bouncy and curly all of the time – if you can just get your hair to cooperate! 

All you need is a Bolero Flared Bristle 9-Row Styler Hair Brush to start. 

For all-day heatless waves, here is how to train your curls:  

  1. Section your hair into small parts
  2. Place the brush at the scalp and pull the hair away from the head.
  3. Twist the hair with the brush (as if using a curling iron) toward the ends. You’ll see your curls “clump” up, giving them a better shape to dry in.

Ensure that you repeat this technique all over your head and that you do it often. Training your hair takes time, but it will be worth it in the end. TO finish the look, spritz your newly shaped curls with gel or hair spray and let your hair air-dry, or use a diffuser on the cool setting.

The Bottom Line on Heatless Waves

Wavy blonde hair on a white background

We all love a beautiful head of waves, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our natural hair’s health in order to achieve this look. There are plenty of ways to get the waves we want without causing heat damage. Try braiding your hair, curl training, using a silk roller, and using traditional curlers. Be sure to visit our website for more amazing styling brushes to get you the trendy tresses you want!

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