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The 5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Hairbrush

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The 5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Hairbrush

When was the last time you replace your hairbrush? Take a good look at your brush. Does it look like roadkill full of oil build-up, dead skin cells, and grime? Do you feel any guilt? Understandably, you have personal attachments arising from everyday use for the years it has served you. However, it comes a time when you must ditch your favorite tool for a brand-new, high-quality hairbrush.

According to experts, the continued use of a hairbrush leads to the build-up of dead skin, dandruff, oil, and hair care products on the bristles. The build-up of yeast and bacteria on your scalp leads to irritation that can clog your hair follicles and cause breakouts.

This article looks at the top signs to replace your brush and when to toss it out and get a high-quality replacement.

Why You Need To Replace Your Hairbrush

looking through a magnifying glass at the dandruff on dark female hair

According to hair care specialists, the everyday use of a hairbrush leads to the build-up of dust and bacteria. When they cling to your hairbrush, they are hard to remove. Do you have dandruff? If you have dandruff, anytime you brush your hair, you reintroduce back dandruff into your hair. It makes it challenging to treat dandruff, for you keep reintroducing them back into your hair.

Is your Brush missing bristles? Using a hairbrush with missing bristles is ineffective and uses more heat. More so, the ineffectiveness leads to split ends and damage when styling your hair. 

If you have thick and curly hair or apply too much hair care product before brushing your hair, you will need to replace your hairbrush more often.

Signs To Replace Your Hairbrush 

Depending on the type of hairbrush you use, there are a few things to consider when replacing your hairbrush.

Here are the 5 signs that it’s time to replace your favorite hairbrush;

  • A Filthy Hairbrush

Macro shot of Dirty used hair brushes, very dirty comb and a lot of hair fall out - Signs To Replace Your Hairbrush

The essence of brushing is to remove tangles and style your hair. However, the build-up of dead hair and hair styling products on your hairbrush make it hard to brush your hair. A filthy hairbrush leads to hair breakage when hair strands snag on dried hair products.

A filthy hairbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, dust, and dust mites. Does that sound gross? Yes, it does. Using a dirty brush transfers all these elements into your scalp and hair. You get your hair dirtier and greasier and irritate your scalp if you suffer from dandruff.

  • Curved Round Bristles

You bought a new round brush, right? Over time you notice that the bristles are dipping down at the center of the brush while creating a subtle U-shape or smiling down on you. This may affect the styling of your hair. What do you do next? It’s time to buy a high-quality hairbrush.

  • Broken, Deformed, or Bent Bristles

Does your hairbrush has missing, deformed, or bent bristles arising from intense pressure or heat? If yes, it’s time to ditch your brush and buy a high-quality hairbrush. Your hairbrush bristles should be firm and straight.

  • Cracked Handles

With continued use, hairbrushes loosen or crack at their attachment points, leading to tension loss. Suppose your hairbrush handle rotates around or bends while in use; consider it time to buy a new brush. Otherwise, the results will be as wonky as your hairbrush handle while blow-drying your hair.

  • Melting Beaded Bristles

Take a keen look at your hairbrush when brushing your hair. Do the beads at the tip of the bristles break off or melt as you brush your hair? If they do break off, replace your hairbrush with a high-quality hairbrush. The tiny beads protect your scalp from aggressive scratching and brushing. Continued use of a brush with broken or melted beads damages your hair follicles and introduces scalp issues.

How Long Do Hairbrushes Last?

According to Women’s Health Magazine, you should replace your hairbrush every 6 to 12 months to prevent matted hair and product build-up. Luckily, Spornette brushes last much longer than that! A dirty hairbrush makes your hair weighed down, greasy and dirty. The accumulation of debris leads to irritation that can accelerate scale, itchiness, and scalp redness.

However, the lifespan of a brush depends on its quality, texture, and type of your hair and the products and hair treatments in use. High-quality brushes may last for 12 months, while low-quality brushes serve you for less than three months. Regular cleaning plays a role in determining how long your brush will last. But, at the end of the day, don’t get too attached. You will need to replace your brush to minimize hair damage.

To also help your hairbrush last, it is essential to keep it clean. Pulling off built-off hair from your brush is never enough. Consider deep-cleansing your brush; for further details on washing brushes, reach out to Spornette to see a complete guide to washing hairbrushes. You should also consider the type of brush you have upon cleaning. It depends on the type of brush you use and how often you use it. 

For example, natural boar bristle hairbrushes need more frequent cleaning because they are made from animal hair and can harbor dirt and bacteria. Synthetic bristles do not need as much cleaning since they don’t absorb sweat or oil as natural ones do. Also, it is important to know that wooden brushes should not be in constant contact with water or be soaked in water, as it will cause the wood to crack and the coating to peel off. 

Looking Forward to Replacing your Hairbrush?

Do you want to replace your hairbrush with a high-quality brush? Look no further. Spornette brushes are at the heart of every great hair care routine, and make brushes for the style you want! Schedule a call or shop now to enjoy our holiday savings. We have comprehensive solutions to meet your diverse hair needs. We are your tried and tested haircare partner.

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