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5 of Our Favorite Fall 2021 Hair Trends

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5 of Our Favorite Fall 2021 Hair Trends

It’s time to freshen up those luscious locks because the sweltering summer days are behind us. Fall is finally here. When the seasons change, there are always exciting new hair trends to try out, and this autumn is no exception. 

We’re sharing five of the best fall 2021 hair trends to keep in mind for your next trip to the salon. We’ll help you pick out your best haircut based on your hair texture, face frame, and even your hair color. We’ll even tell you which Spornette styling brushes you should use to care for your new look.

Get ready to find your perfect fall hairstyle below and match it with the perfect Spornette brush today.

1. Curtain Bangs

Bangs nearly went out of style several years ago, but just like any classic look, they’ve made a come-back. Curtain bangs are all the rage this season. This cut is a classic yet modernized look that features a sweeping fringe around the eyes. 

Curtain bangs help accentuate your features, and they can be tailor-cut, literally, for your face frame. It’s a look that works well for everyone. 

Styling this cut is easy, and with brushes such as our Magnesium Miracle Brushes, you can easily achieve this flawless and effortless look.

Our Magnesium-infused brushes are suited for any hair texture. They also heat up, so drying and styling your hair is quick and easy. These brushes work especially well for layered styles such as curtain bangs. 

2. Face Framing Layers

If you want a tailored cut with some definition, but you don’t want actual bangs, this is the cut for you. Many customers ask for this style when they want dimension without losing their length.

This style is a great way to highlight your features as well. And if you use color treatment, face-framing layers will create contrast.

To get the salon-style blowout at home, try our Smooth and Shine Collection of brushes. These brushes are designed to tame thick strands without causing more breakage and damage. Your hair will be shinier, smoother, and stronger when you use our dual-bristle brushes on your difficult or unruly hair. 

3. Shag Haircut

Another retro look that has made its way back into the spotlight is “the shag.” This layered look has become a favorite this fall season. It combines a fringe cut and textured layers to create a sultry look that’s flirty and classic. 

What people love most about the shag haircut is the volume. That’s why our Prego Collection is the perfect choice for achieving smooth, soft, and lush waves or curls. Our Prego Collection reduces drying time with tourmaline-enhanced nylon bristles, allowing you to dry and style your hair faster.  

4. Long Bob

We all love “the bob,” don’t we? It’s cute and a little edgy, and with the long hair version of this cut, it’s perfect for a fall transition. If you want to chop off those dead ends but still have a mid-length cut, then the long bob might be your next go-to style.

This cut is surprisingly versatile and can be worn either smooth and sleek or textured and bouncy. It also looks great styled with a middle part, side part, or with bangs. Sometimes, you’ll see it at chin-length, but it falls just below the shoulders.

Our Smooth Operator rounders can help you style this unique cut with ease. The crimped bristles on our Smooth Operator brushes help hold strands in place while drying and styling. The aerated barrel makes trying your long bob a breeze!

5. Voluminous Natural Curls

Who doesn’t love effortless, glamorous curls? The natural-curl look is an iconic statement that’s eye-catching and never goes out of style. 

If you have curly hair, this look is a great option. Even very wavy hair can achieve the naturally curly look with choppy layers or a blunt bob.

One secret to styling curls the right way is using the right brush. Our Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush is designed to give you volume with its nine rows of nylon bristles. But, if you’re styling curly hair, you can use it to clump your curls together on wet hair to help you create a frizz-free, defined look. 

Our Favorite Accessories for Fall 2021 Hair Trends

A new haircut is never complete without a little something extra. Let’s talk about what you can add to your new style to really make it pop. 

Hair Scarves 

Think that hair scarves are just for a breezy summer look? Think again! They can be just as fun for fall hair. Not to mention they help keep your head a little warmer with the cooler days approaching.

Try using a headscarf like a headband. This look really helps accentuate curly hair, choppy layers, and curtain bangs. 

Using a headscarf also helps add a pop of color, especially if you want to go with a darker hair color for fall. 

Color-Depositing Conditioner

While you’re changing up your haircut, let’s talk about hair color. There are numerous tones to choose from and no hard and fast rules about which fall color is the best. It’s completely up to you! 

A color-depositing conditioner does wonders for color treatments. Coat your highlights, lowlights, or entire hair with color tone to keep your strands pigmented for longer. This will help keep your professional color treatment vibrant!

Mousse & Curling Cream 


One of the most lovable fall hair trends we see every year is the soft, messy wind-blown look. If you want to define your waves or curls, try using a mousse or a curling cream. Either of these options will give your strands texture and help provide shape and form.


Trust Spornette to Help You Style Your Fall Hair 

A womanw ith naturally curly hair smiling on a fall day. Curly hair is one of many hair trends for fall 2021

We hope that these fall 2021 hair trends have given you some inspiration. We’d love to help you reach your hair goals by providing you with the perfect brush for your hair type and style preference. 

Great products are at the heart of every style, and Spornette brushes are here to enhance your fall 2021 look. Our brushes help you achieve the trendiest hairstyles while keeping your hair safe and healthy. 

Be bold and commit to one of these fall 2021 looks. Then, shop our collection of high-quality brushes on our site.

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