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3 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Winter

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3 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Winter

Whether you’re looking for party inspiration or daily inspiration, we have some great ideas you’ll keep in your hair recipe box for years to come. In winter, style and hair health must be teammates. 

Static and frizz can be the ugly holiday sweaters of winter hair. We need to overcome them to reach the runway of hair couture. 

Start with a brush. Today, there are multiple choices of styles and bristles! 

You’ll win with one of these  Spornette Ionic Brushes. The Ion Fusion Rounder is a fan favorite. 

Ionic hairbrushes are known to bring shine and decrease frizz. Find one or four that you love to keep on hand.

The colder months are also a great time to try a new cut. The combination of dry heat inside, hats and scarves, and the cold air outside drain moisture from your hair. The damage and dryness can be overwhelming and depressing. 

Some Quick Tips for Winter Styles

a red head with a bob hair cut as a winter hairstyle

  • If you feel like your hair has become riddled with split ends during the other seasons, it might be time for a chop. The perennially popular bob or any style with bangs like these examples is a sure thing for a change that will bring hair health with it.
  • If you still see flyaways and frizz, it’s time to concentrate on hair health before we go to party style. Bear with me. Healthy hair is shiny hair. If you want hair that shines like the sun, try styling with the Smooth and Shine Collection of brushes. These brushes feature 45o angled boar bristles to securely hold the hair in place and create a glaring shine!
  • Certain styling products are also designed to help with your hair’s shine. When you are home, hair oil can be your best friend. You can massage it in to stay overnight. Wear a sleeping cap to keep your bedding in oil-free condition. For a shorter but useful boost, don the oil while you’re doing other things around the house. Rock this hair treatment, then shampoo, dry, and be on your way!
  • For a quick save during the day or on your night out, a dryer sheet is terrific! Slide it from root to tip. The positive charge of the sheet changes the negative one of the hair. Who knew a dryer sheet could be your date night savior?!

Now that we’ve tackled some of the issues you might have with your hair in the wintertime, we can move on to style. Here are some cute hairstyles for winter that will leave you loving the season!


a step-by-step infographic of how to do a braided updo

Watch very many social media beauty videos, and you are bound to see a braid. They are fancy in their own right. 

Even if you don’t have a lustrous mane to flip and twist, a plait can add pizzazz to any length. If you don’t think you can manage one on your own, you can buy one to clip in!

For a short cut, not pixie short, you can use a braid to accentuate the face. Spray in some glitter to add to the festivity level. 

With a medium lob, you can take the longer sides to braid independently. Join them together in the back and secure with a shiny barrette, a floral clip, or something that expresses your personality.

No matter what braid you’re creating, start with knot-free hair. The Ion Fusion Vent brush is amazing for gently detangling wet or dry hair.

Know More About the Right Tools for Your Braid and Updo Services.

Blow Them Away

a brunette woman wearing a claw clip in her hair

If all of this seems too much work, don’t fret. Keep reading for more tips.

Start with wet hair. Apply whichever products you have determined are the best for your hair type. 

Then, choose the right Spornette round brush to get a great blowout. 

The Magnesium Miracle Brushes are suited for all hair types and heat up quickly for lightning speed styling! You’ll achieve volume and smoothness. Add a quick spritz of spray, and you’re ready to go.

If bouncing curls is your goal, use a defining product to shine like the natural beauty you are. Add a hairband or pins if you want to keep strands out of your eyes. 

Cover It Up

A woman wearing a winter beanie and pink jacket

There will be days when there is no styling. Maybe the winter weather is too much. Perhaps the dry air has given your locks more static electricity than the substation down the road. 

These days are when you pull out the stash of fashionable hats, scarves, and beanies. Make sure you have ones that coordinate with your attire, and there is no need for styling!

If you’re wearing the timeless pony, keep a few of the beanies with ponytail holes. They are unique and stylish.

A snow cap with a visor looks sporty but classic. Choose a hat style and color that flatters your face shape. 

Caps and hats offer superb coverage for hair that’s in between wash days. Before wearing your cute hat or hair accessory, be sure to brush through your hair’s natural oils to help nourish your hair, from roots to tips. The DeVille 100% Boar Cushion is the perfect brush for the job because of its boar bristles! After a quick brush, eave some tendrils peeking out the sides and back for a flirty effect. 

To Sum it Up

Portrait of a blonde girl on a yellow background wearing a beanie with a puff ball

Winter months mean cold winter weather unless you live in Miami or some other southern paradise. For that purpose, we will go on the premise that winter means cold of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

The shorter days with less sun can lead to feeling blah. When your hair doesn’t look beautiful in the mirror, that feeling spreads.

The dry air inside combined with the cold air outside can wreak havoc on our fragile locks. The need for frequent washing disappears in the winter months, which gives it a bit of a break. 

You do want to keep your hair healthy. You want to use quality products when you wash your hair and when you style it. The kind of brush can make a considerable difference between what you plan and what you achieve. Click here to shop the cornucopia of brushes Spornette offers for every hair type and every style. 

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