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12 Cute Summer Hairstyles to Try This Season

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12 Cute Summer Hairstyles to Try This Season

On a hot summer day, the thought of breaking out hot tools and styling products can seem dreadful. It’s easy to throw your hair into a ponytail, but if you are looking for unique but cute summer hairstyles, then we have your back! 

At Spornette, we cover the best in hairstyle trends because we are leaders in the hairstyle industry. Our brushes are preferred by professional stylists and consumers alike. Each brush is designed to benefit through protection, quality, and a passion for style. 

We are happy to bring you our predictions for the best of cute summer hairstyles for 2021 for short hair, long hair, and everything in between. Visit us today for the brushes at the heart of every style. 

Here are 12 Cute Summer Hairstyles to Try This Season

1. Bubble Ponytail 

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A bubble ponytail is ideal if you want to jazz up a classic ponytail to make it glamorous. Start by creating a low ponytail with Spornette’s Swizzle Detangling Brush. You can use the brush on wet or dry hair to break through tangles creating a sleek ponytail, minus the breakage.

Next, find some stunning hair ties— colorful or shiny ties are best. Start by securing one at the nape of your neck, continue tying one after another down the ponytail’s length until you obtain your desired look. If you want even more glamour, try a metallic band or wire. 

2. Crown Braids

Crown braids are a great way to get the hair away from your face. Start by parting your hair down the middle. Next, start french braiding on one side of the head, starting from behind your ear and leaving some strands out by your face. Continue your French braid behind the neck and up and around behind the other ear.

Finish braiding after you’ve braided in the hair you left in front of the first ear. Secure with a clear elastic and pin the end of the braid down, making sure it’s secure.

For a twist on this cute summer hairstyle, try it as a half-up, half-down look.

Know More About the Right Tools for Your Braid and Updo Services.

3. Low Messy Bun

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Messy buns are an easy option no matter the time of year. Try something new by turning it into a low bun. If it’s too formal, it can look as though you are a member of a bridal party, so placement and making it appear effortless is key. 

Do not be concerned about it being absolutely center. Also, teasing hair to give a bit of volume is helpful before you pull it back into a bun. We recommend The Little Wonder Teasing Brush, a mix of short boar and nylon bristles that will tease while allowing for control. 

Low-Messy buns are pretty straightforward and perfect for the day after washing. Pull hair into a low pony after teasing, twist into a messy bun, secure with a few bobby pins. Give hair a quick spray with hairspray to set. 

4. Sleek High Ponytail

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You can use a teasing brush to create a sleek high ponytail because it helps pull back the flyaways. 

Take your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it tightly with a strong elastic. Wrap a section of the hair around the elastic to hide. You can use one bobby pin to secure the hair in place. Then spray the hair well to keep the ponytail and the pulled-back hair in place from heat and humidity. 

5. Space Buns

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They were fabulous on Gwen Stefani in the 90s, and they still are today. Space buns are fantastic in the summer, whether wearing them at the pool or running errands in the heat. If you have long hair, they are a cute alternative to a regular bun. 

For an alternative, you can create the buns near the nape of the neck. Make sure to make a distinct center part and secure them with hair ties. Spray generously, so they stay well regardless of the task you have set out for the day. 

6. Fishtail Braid or Bun

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A fishtail braid is a fun alternative to the classic braid that has been in magazines for decades. Make it fresh by adding a trendy headband or colored hair ties. You can also shake things up by turning the fishtail braid into a bun or creating a side fishtail braid. Fishtail braids are one of the freshest styles to rock at a summer concert, so one to consider for any summer festival! 

7. Side Braid

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One or two is up to you with a side braid! You can braid classic 3-strand or turn it into a french braid. 

Add accessories to make it unique with headbands, colored ribbons, ties, or small scrunchies. A cute wide-brim hat is also adorable and adds sun protection with a side braid if you are headed out to the beach for the day. Voila! 

8. Top Knot

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A top knot is a perfect way to get your hair off your head on a hot summer day. Consider using a paddle brush like the Ion Fusion Paddle Brush if you have thick or lengthy hair. It makes tackling large sections of hair a piece of cake while also preventing damage and breakage. 

Pull it tight or keep it loose! Tease the hair so it is full of volume before you wrap around the elastic. Secure well with bobby pins and spray away to keep in place. 

9. Hipster Bun

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What is a hipster bun? It is essentially a hip way to describe a half-bun. 

This look is best with beach waves. If you don’t have natural waves, create some using a large barrel curling iron before pulling hair up. Secure your bun with bobby pins and spray the whole head with a setting spray so both the waves and the bun remain intact. 

10. Flat Iron Waves

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Create natural but unique waves just with the use of a flat iron. Take a flat iron and use your wrist back and forth as you glide down the hair shaft. Never forget to use a heat-protectant spray before using a hot tool to minimize the risk of damage to your locks. 

11. Box Braids

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The key to box braids is to move the majority over to one side. Place hairpins discreetly throughout to secure them in place. Box braids are also easy to pull back and style with a unique twist or tie to accessorize with any style you have planned for the day. 

12. Swept to the Side

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Do you have a pixie cut? If you have short hair, then a side-swept look is perfect for you. Dry wet hair with a round brush such as the Magnesium Miracle for a quick dry that guarantees the style you desire. 

Once completely dry, create a strong side part on either side of the head. You can use a flat iron to secure the hair in place and get it to lay in the desired way you intend. Finish with a flexible hold spray, and you are all set for a day in the sun!  

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A woman wearing yellow makeup on a yellow background with a cute summer hairstyle.

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Plus, our blog covers all things style so you can stay up to date with everything trending in the hair industry. We hope you’ll join the Spornette family!

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