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11 Retro Hair Trends You Need to Try

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11 Retro Hair Trends You Need to Try

A well-thought-out hairstyle that fits the frame of your face can really change your appearance. Simply bringing a change in the way you wear your hair can completely shift the way you feel about yourself! No one minds a boost of confidence when it comes to the way you look. Many current hairstyles are inspired by the ’90s or ’80s because these classic and iconic retro hairstyles can never go out of style. Whether you love short hair or long hair, there is always a retro hair trend for everyone! 

Here are 11 timeless hair trends that you need to try and that you can create with Spornette brushes. When you’re ready to try a new retro look, purchase one of our high-quality styling brushes and watch your style shine!

1. Tousled Layers

Let’s be real; you can never go wrong with layers. A simple layered cut with curtain bangs brings out your cheekbones and frames your face quite well. To achieve the best curl or blow-dried effect with layers, use the Touche Reinforced Boar round brush for that ultimate ’90s blow-dry look.

2. The Rachel

The Rachel is an iconic retro hair trend that was all the rage in the ’90s. Inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s cut featured on the sitcom Friends as her character Rachel Green, these ultra face-framing layers need lots of volume to look right. So, grab a round brush from the Smooth Operator Collection. Be sure to lift the hair up and in towards your face while you blow-dry to achieve this striking look.

3. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs have been a celebrity favorite and have been in style for decades. Bangs will give you the ultimate chic look and will always make you look put together after styling the right way. In the 1970s, Cher rocked blunt bangs like no other. To maintain this style, regular trims are a MUST to keep hair out of your eyes.When styling blunt bangs, reach for the Spornette Big Wonder Teasing Brush so you can section and smooth your fabulous fringe.

4. Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a safe cut and are easy to manage and style. People tend to shy away from bangs, but it is definitely a haircut that you need to try out at least once. To style side-swept bangs, reach for the 2-inch Magnesium Miracle round brush. Gently create volume with this brush. And if your bangs need a little refresh later in the week, simply spray your bangs until they’re slightly damp and use your Magnesium Miracle to style again!

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5. Pin Curls

Let’s take it way back to the 1930s and 50s for this vintage hairstyle! Pin curls take some time, but they have staying power! Learn how to get the pin curl look with this blog post: Retro Babe: How to Do Pin Curls

6. French Bob

A classic Parisian cut is chin-length hair and bangs that end at your brows. This styler is a celebrity special and definitely a power cut. Because this cut is so short, reach for any Spornette round brushes with a small diameter to make sure you have the right amount of tension to achieve this look.

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7. Messy Pixie Cut

Another classic and timeless haircut that has been around for ages is the messy pixie. This cut will accentuate your features and compliment your face structure. It is the perfect low-maintenance haircut for our busy gals. We loved this look on Halle Berry back in the day. To style, create volume with the Mini Rounder, and finish with a little bit of pomade or hair wax with a strong hold.

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8. Mullet Cut

A ’70s essential, the mullet is slowly making its way back into the 21st century but with a modern twist. Still a low-maintenance and a celebrity favorite cut. You can easily maintain this by using an Italian Rounder and some texturizing spray for some texture and body. The best part about this is you can keep it short or long.

9. The Shag

Another fun and effortless retro hair trend that has resurfaced recently is the shag! Miley Cyrus has been rocking the shag look for a while now, so you can draw some inspiration from her. This is another retro style that can benefit from texturizing spray. For extra volume, grab your Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush and backcomb small sections of hair until your volume is sky-high!

10. Layered Crop Cut

A classic crop cut with plenty of layers for the Jane Fonda look is a must-do for people with straight hair. It gives you mega-volume with the help of some hairspray and Magnesium Miracle Brushes. The layered crop is a super low-maintenance and lasting go-to haircut.

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11. Center Part and Straight Cut

The center part frames the face, and a straight cut keeps it simple. If you have naturally straight hair or thin hair, this is the haircut for you. Cher and Ali McGraw both rocked this standout look! Style it using the Ion Fusion Boar/ Nylon Cushion brush. This brush will add gorgeous shine to this sleek style.

A woman smiling on a pink background with a french bob, a fun retro hairstyle.

Fun, Retro Hair Trends by Spornette

Without waiting any longer, order your brushes now and get professional results at home. Check out the range of brushes available and choose what suits your needs at the Spornette website and get to styling!

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