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Magnesium Miracle Brushes

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A Magnesium treated Inner Core within the barrel of the Magnesium Miracles supplies a 2nd source of heat! The unique dual barrel design & completely closed cap create and maintain rapid, high heat. The unique dual barrel system also allows Natural Boar Bristles to be placed throughout the entire brush.

  • MG-1 Magnesium Miracle 2″ Diameter
  • MG-3 Magnesium Miracle 2.5″ Diameter
  • MG-5 Magnesium Miracle 3″ Diameter


The Magnesium Miracle™ Brush Performs Styling Miracles!

• Magnesium infused aerated barrel heats up rapidly for quick
drying and styling results.
• As a Natural Element, the radiated Magnesium infrared energy
supports the growth and quality of healthy hair.
• One-Piece, Multi-Shot Injected molded handle prevents hair from
getting snagged at neck and also provides a secure, ergonoic grip.
• Nylon Bristles withstand heat up to 400° Fahrenheit.
• Natural Boar Bristles assist in “holding” hair for superior styling,
as well as adding a healthy shine to the final results.


1 review for Magnesium Miracle Brushes

  1. Sue

    I love this brush! There is something about it that makes it really hold my hair so there is tension when I blow dry it straight.

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