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Soft Bristles

    • thin wooden rounder brushes


      Rated 0 out of 5

      This Promotion includes the TOP 3 Italian Brushes, #854(2.25″), #855 (3″), #856 (2″)Brushes. It also includes a free SWIZZLE CUSHION BRUSH & A FREE KERATINA TITANIUM VENT BRUSH!

    • Ion Fusion Paddle


      This brush is for: regular brush-outs, blowouts, and styling. The Ion Fusion Paddle works well on wet or dry hair of any hair type or length.

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    • Super Looper


      This brush is for: gently brushing out hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces. The unique Super Looper design minimizes damage and maximizes style. This cushion brush helps to maintain the integrity and the investment of your hairpieces.

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    • wooden looped bristle brush

      Brent Paddle Brush

      Rated 0 out of 5

      This brush is for: safely brushing out wigs and extensions. The Brent Paddle Brush is gentle enough for those with sensitive scalps, sensory issues, or thyroid disease.

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    • wooden looped bristle brush

      Brent Sculpting Brush

      Rated 0 out of 5

      This brush is for: gently brushing out and detangling wigs, extensions, and hairpieces. The Brent Sculpting Brush is so gentle it won’t get caught in adhesives or netting.

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    • Teal rounder brush with black head and bristles

      XL Nylon Rounders


      This brush is for: women with long and thick hair, but it can comfortably be used for all hair types. The XL Nylon rounder is suitable for use on salon clients or at-home for everyday use.

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    • red and black rounder brush

      Square Heat Styler


      Your favorite Square Professional aerated hairbrush is back by popular demand with an all new handle, high heat resistant ionic bristles, and a very rich color scheme.

      • Small Square Heat Styler (#SQR-5)
      • Medium Square Heat Styler (#SQR-10)
      • Large Square Heat Styler (#SQR-15)
      • Extra-large Square Heat Styler (#SQR-20)
      • Use flat edge for straightening
      • Use corner for flip
      • Rotate for Curling
      • Roll brush for curl

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