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We Know You’ll Love the G Porcupine Wooden Round Brush

wavy hair brown background

Having the right tool for the job is essential to any situation, including taking care of one’s hair. A brush should have suitable bristles and handle to maintain and style your hair correctly. The Spornette G Porcupine rounder brush works well on all hair types and lengths but works like magic on thick and curly hair types!

For over 60 years, our business has been providing the best tools in the beauty industry. The Porcupine Rounder Brush(es) combines great control with precision styling that works on any hair type.

To grow your arsenal of hair tools or learn more about how to have the best hair of your life, visit our site now

Nylon and Boar

PorcupineG 36 xl 1024x1024 1

We at Spornette are wild about boar bristles for a good reason. Boar bristles are pretty effective in keeping hair shiny and strengthening the actual hair from the shaft up. They hold on to the individual hair making it possible to brush through and to style. 

Boar bristles keep your hair naturally shiny by pulling your scalp’s natural oil from the shaft to the end of the hair. It gives hair natural shine without looking greasy.  That very attribute makes them ideal for all brush and hair types. 

Nylon bristles are also quite versatile and valuable themselves. The nylon bristles on the G Porcupine Rounder Brush are slightly longer than the boar bristles. This design element helps the nylon bristles penetrate the hair and work through each section.

The Spornette G Porcupine Round brush is unique because it combines both powerhouse bristle types. The brush’s name comes from the bristles being placed in clusters with the white nylon bristles poking out, similar to porcupine bristles. 

Functionality at Its Best 

light brown 2.5 inch round brush on marble background

We know you may not be as excited about hairbrushes as our team, but how can we help it? It is such a valuable brush!

We’ve spoken about a great combination of boar and nylon bristles, but there is even more to this brush. 

Round brush

Round brushes are a versatile wonder. When paired with a blow-dryer, you can create beautiful curls or sleek straight styles. It depends on your mood for the day.

You can achieve the ever-popular blowout by concentrating the heated air from your hairdryer onto a section of hair. The bristles and round shape of the brush help to create a glossy straight ‘do. 

The boar bristles distribute the natural oils in your hair to create a healthy shine. To increase the shine factor in blown-out hair even more, try adding a shine spray to your routine. 

Round brushes are also suitable for creating the perfect curtain bang, providing great tension and control necessary to perfect the look.

Wooden handle 

Wooden brush handles offer you durability and a classic style.

The G Porcupine is a brush that will last for several years and hundreds of blowouts. 

The Right Brush for You 

We create our brushes with you in mind. There are three barrel sizes to accommodate different hair lengths, textures, and styles. 

  • 1.75-inch barrel: Comes with a rat tail handle and is ideal for teasing and separating the hair. 
  • 2-inch 
  • 2.5-inch 

We recommend that with longer hair, you should use a larger barrel. Or, you can have multiple sizes to make more complex hairstyles and create different-sized waves and curls.

Whatever size you choose, your hair is going to love it! This is especially true if you have thick or curly hair, which can often be challenging to manage. The combination bristles work through thick and curly tresses with ease offering a beautiful and cared for coif. 

Let Your Hair Down

wavy red hair

Curtain bangs and blowouts aren’t the only styles you can accomplish with the G Porcupine Round Brush

Its comfortable wooden handle and combination of bristles make this round brush a styling machine. The brush’s core is also wooden, so there’s less chance of heat damage as it does not heat up.

Do the wave

Towel dry your hair to about 70% dry and add a heat protectant spray and styling gel. Using your G Porcupine Round brush, curl your hair in different directions. At the same time, you are concentrating the heat from your hairdryer on that section. 

Finish off with a finishing spray or your favorite hairspray to hold in place. 


Starting once again with close to dry hair, concentrate your hair dryer’s heat on a sectioned piece of your hair. Use a liberal amount of a heat protectant hairspray. Bring the round brush down the length of the sectioned piece. 

Do this for all of your hair until your hair is dry and straight. Finish this polished look with a shine spray for some extra dazzle. You can also add random curled pieces and run your hands through them for a tousled look. 

For the best results for any of these styles, be sure your hair is about 70% dry. 

A Family Affair

Windblown wavy brunette hair.

No matter what style, the Spornette Porcupine Round brushes will deliver, whether that’s everyday maintenance and care or styling your hair for an event. The boar bristles working with nylon bristles give both your hair and scalp the best care possible. 

The different size barrels allow for control and choice for all hair types, no matter the length or thickness. The styles that the brush can accomplish are limitless!

For over 60 years, Spornette has provided the beauty industry with quality styling brushes. We are one of the last family-owned businesses in our industry and like to think that this translates into the brushes we make.

Our eye for detail, passion for hair care, and the beauty industry put us at the heart of every style. For more, visit us online today!

G Porcupine

PorcupineG 36


this round brush comes in a variety of diameters and sizes for all hair lengths. The 1 ¾” G-Porcupine features a rat tail handle that easily creates parts and directs hair strands while you style. There are also 2”, 2 ½” and 3” barrels. For longer hair, choose a larger brush.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the G Porcupine boar bristles evenly distribute natural hair oils throughout the hair shaft, enhancing shine, hair strength, and moisture. These boar bristles are reinforced with extended nylon bristles creating “porcupine” shaped tufts. Boar bristles hold hair in place as the nylon bristles penetrate any hair type.


the gorgeous wooden handle is a class act. The striking white nylon bristles stand out in the porcupine shape of the boar bristles.


  • Make sure hair is about 70% dry before styling with a round brush and blow-dryer

Classic German Porcupine

Spornette bristle

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

The “porcupine” clusters of boar and nylon bristles are winning combinations. The 100% natural boar hair bristles have hair and scalp health benefits and add shine and luster to every strand. The nylon bristles at the heart of every porcupine cluster can penetrate and detangle any hair type.


the Classic German Porcupine features a deep wooden handle that is lightweight yet luxurious. The warm red cushion effectively absorbs the “shock” while brushing, mitigating damage to the hair.


  • Regular brush-outs with a boar bristle brush can boost the appearance and health of the hair. Consistent use of boar bristle brushes results in increased blood flow, added shine, and extended time between shampooing.
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The Best Round Brushes For Blowouts

woman using a blow-dryer

Who doesn’t love the feel and look of a salon-quality blowout? Bring the style of the salon home with you by using the best round brushes for blowouts from Spornette.

Instead of going to the salon, save money, and invest in high-quality hairbrushes that will last a lifetime. With brushes by Spornette, you can create voluminous, enviable styles that will have your friends and family asking for your stylist’s phone number! 

Keep reading to learn about the best round brushes for blowouts from Spornette and exactly how to use them. Once you’re a hair expert, visit the Spornette website to purchase some innovative and fantastic round brushes to blow out your hair at home!

XL Nylon Rounders

black and blue thin rounder brush with long bristles

Have you got long hair? Are you completely overwhelmed by re-creating a salon-quality blowout at home because your hair is so long?

Worry no more.

The XL Nylon Rounders are the best round brush for blowouts if you have long and thick hair.

The XL Nylon Rounder has tufts of two-tipped nylon bristles. These tufts of nylon bristles penetrate even the thickest hair. And, this bristle design helps hold long hair in place while blow-drying.

This round brush has two different diameter sizes: 2 and 2.5 inches. The size you choose could depend on the length of your hair. If you have shorter hair, you should opt for a smaller diameter brush. 

If you’d like, you can always use two different diameter round brushes while blow-drying your hair. You can use a large brush on the bottom layers to speed up dry-time since style is less of a factor. Then, you can do the top layers with a smaller brush for more precision styling.

The XL Nylon Rounder brushes feature a comfortable, rubberized handle that helps to prevent any slippage. Long and thick hair can be notoriously long to blow-dry. Create the perfect tension without hand or wrist fatigue, no matter how long your hair may take! 

G Porcupine

g porcupne round brush

The G Porcupine is one of the best round brushes for blowouts.

This brush features tufts of natural boar bristles with extended nylon bristles. The boar bristles distribute your hair’s natural oils to add shine, defeat frizz and keep your hair cleaner between washes.

The nylon bristles penetrate the hair and work with the boar bristle for maximum hold while blow-drying. You won’t believe how easy it is to smooth and straighten wavy hair or curly hair with this brush.

Choose from four diameters: 1 ¾, 2, 2 ½, and 3 inches. As a bonus, the 1 ¾ inch diameter G Porcupine has a rattail handle that is perfect for section hair.

You’ll be able to get an incredible blowout at home with this nylon and boar bristle round brush!

Prego Collection

blue and black rounder brush

The Prego Collection features some of the best round brushes for blowouts.

Choose from six different barrel diameters ranging from 1 ½ inch to 4 inches. 

You’ll love how the aerated ceramic barrel heats up quickly and retains the heat to speed up dry time. The ionic, nylon bristles help break up water molecules, reduce brittleness, and allow the strands to be more soft and stretchable.

With this brush, you can quickly master salon-style straightening and smoothing for coarse, curly, or frizzy hair types. With the Prego Collection, you can create gorgeous curls and waves while you blow-dry. Styling your hair while you dry eliminates the need for other hot tools like curling irons and wands.

The squishy foam handle makes using this round brush so comfortable and an incredible choice for blowouts at home.

How to do a Salon-Quality Blowout at Home

woman using a blow-dryer to blowout her hair

The very first step to getting gorgeous hair at home is by making sure you have the best round brush for blowouts. Those round brushes, of course, come from Spornette.

Once you have the tools for the job, you’re ready to get started.

  1. Apply your product. Whether you need a little more moisture, volume, shine, or heat protection, use whatever styling product you love! Focus it towards the shaft of your hair and don’t over-apply at the root. You don’t want to look greasy!
  2. Make sure your hair is about 70% dry before you go in with a round brush. You may do a rough dry, or go in with a vented brush from Spornette. If you have to do more than two passes with a round brush, your hair probably isn’t dry enough.
  3. Next, determine your part. Using the pointy end of the Little Wonder, Big Wonder Teasing Brushes, or 1 ¾ inch diameter G9 Porcupine Brush to create a part you like.
  4. Then, using the Little Wonder or Big Wonder section your hair. The more hair you have, the more sections you’ll need to make your life a heck of a lot easier. Begin by pinning up the top half of your hair and then splitting the bottom into two more sections. If you feel like you need more sections, that’s okay–this is just a jumping-off point.
  5. Use your hair-dryer attachment that is a narrow nozzle. This attachment will concentrate the air into a more precise flow. Before blow-drying, be sure to use a cushion or paddle brush to get rid of any knots or tangles.
  6. Grab your favorite Spornette round brush and position it underneath the hair, starting at the roots. Turn the round brush 1/4 to 1/2 of a full rotation to create tension.
  7. Hold the blow dryer over the section of hair locked into the brush. You should have it set to its highest speed. Pull the brush down the length of the hair, maintaining the tension.
  8. Make sure the nozzle is never directly touching your hair. Hair will dry quicker if you allow space between the dryer and the brush. Go down the length of hair slowly to create shine, and help eliminate frizz. Ensure the air’s direction from your dryer is always facing down the hair shaft, from root to ends.
  9. Work section by section starting at the bottom layers, closest to your face. Work back and up until you achieve your desired style. To create maximum volume, hold the brush and hair up and away from your scalp. The more dramatic the angle, the more extreme the volume!
  10. To create curls, rotate or roll the brush. You can pin the curls to your head as they cool to help hold the style and create more body. To create a sleek look, don’t twist the hair around the brush and keep it as straight as possible.
  11. If you have bangs, you can use a smaller round brush to style them perfectly and finish your look. 

The Best Round Brushes For Blowouts are From Spornette

woman with voluminous hair

Now that you know where to get the tools and the technique, it’s time to practice, practice, practice. 

Visit the Spornette website and shop all of the best round brushes for blowouts today, and get to styling!

How To Use Brushes

How To Use Spornette™ Brushes!

Using the Ventura Brush

Using the Bolero Beard Brush

Using the Porcupine Brush

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Fact or Myth? Does Hair Grow Faster in Summer?

Close up photo portrait of winsome pretty cute lovely sweet glad nice lady sending kiss to you wearing orange transparent glasses

It’s been stated that, much like flowers, trees, and plants, hair grows faster in warmer weather. Is this fact or fiction? Does hair grow faster in the summer? 

Let’s get scientific and see what we find out, shall we? 

Let’s dive down this hairy rabbit hole, but first, take a moment to check out our superb brushes! One of the best ways you can create luminous hair and encourage hair growth is with an excellent hairbrush. 

Spornette is at the heart of every style and has the perfect brush for your hair type and styling needs.

Hair Growth Phases

A diagram of the hair growth cycle
Anatomical training poster. Hair growth phase step by step. Stages of the hair growth cycle. Anagen, telogen, catagen. Skin anatomy. Cross section of the skin layers. Medical vector illustration

Although different for each individual, the average annual hair growth rate is about 6-inches. This growth rate boils down to about a half-inch per month. For some, it’s more. For others, less.

There are four phases of hair growth: 

  • Anagen/Growing: This phase lasts about 3-5 years. During this time, your hair follicles create hairs that will continuously grow. Almost 100 percent of the hairs on your head are in the anagen phase.
  • Catagen/Transition: Hair follicles shrink, and hair growth slows. Your hair will start separating from the bottom of the hair follicle yet remain in place. This phase lasts about ten days.
  • Telogen/Resting: Hairs don’t grow, but they don’t usually fall out either. This phase is also when new hairs form in follicles that have produced hair during the catagen phase. This phase lasts about three months.
  • Exogen/Shedding: Your hair sheds from the scalp, often aided by regular washing and brushing. Did you know that you lose 50 to 100 hairs per day during this phase? 

Don’t worry. It’s completely normal! Healthy new hairs are on the way. This phase lasts about 2-5 months.

How Hair Grows

A woman with her back to the camera with curled, icy blonde hair.

Your hair begins its growing story from the bottom of the follicle. Nutritious blood from blood vessels in your scalp fuels your follicles, creating more cells that make your hair grow!

Your hair gets pushed up through the skin as it grows, passing a natural conditioning oil gland along the way.

Some might say that’s fascinating; others might say, “Oil glands? Ick!” But it’s how your hair grows, and that’s some fun trivia. 

The type, length, and texture of your hair are all unique and beautiful. And knowing how to treat your particular locks is essential.

Someone with more oil in their hair will have a different hair care regimen than someone with hair that’s drier.

To distribute your hair’s natural oils and nourish your strands, reach for a boar bristle brush. If you have fine hair, the Deville 100% Boar Paddle Brush is what you want. If your hair is thicker, try the Classic German Porcupine. The extended nylon bristles will help penetrate your hair, while the boar bristles get to work distributing your hair’s natural oils.

Summer Hair Care Tips

A red haired woman at the beach wearing a sun hat to protect from UV rays.

Sun and UV rays can be damaging to your hair and scalp. That definitely doesn’t make your hair grow faster in summer! 

Try these easy ‘n breezy summer hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and vibrant during our warmer months:

  • Trim: If you’ve been growing your hair out over the winter and spring, great! Now is a perfect time to ditch split ends and refresh your style.
  • Shield: Apply hair care products that contain UV filters. This will protect your hair from sun damage and help keep color-processed hair from fading. 
  • Cover: Wear a wide-brimmed hat, bandana, or whatever head covering that suits your style. This easy coverage will keep your hair from getting scorched. A sun hat will also protect other areas, such as your neck or ears.
  • Saturate: Drench your hair with clean water and a leave-in conditioner. Then rinse your hair after a swim. No shower? No problem. Fill a spray bottle with fresh water.
  • Moisturize: You might find that you wash your hair more frequently in the summer. Use a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo once a week to get rid of product buildup and other chemicals. Then follow with a deep-conditioning treatment.
  • Beat the Heat: As much as possible, avoid blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and other hot tools.
  • Fight Frizz: A drop or two of an anti-frizz product, such as argan oil, can help smooth hair and add shine. 

A little goes a long way! Start with a tiny drop of oil, so you don’t weigh down your hair.

Fact or Fiction? Does Hair Grow Faster in Summer?

Does hair grow faster in summer? Two women sitting at the beach with wavy, long hair.

Human’s focus on their hair over thousands of years has created various rumors, beliefs, and myths. Including the often tossed-around tale that hair grows faster in the summer months.

But alas, it appears as though there’s no solid proof that warmer weather increases your hair growth. Hair naturally lightens in sunlight, which may create the illusion that your hair is growing faster, but it’s just that! An illusion.

What isn’t an illusion is the quality of Spornette styling brushes. Whether you’re looking for a rounder to get a dreamy blowout, or a detangler to prep your hair, Spornette has the right styling brush for you.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one brush, reach for the Ventura Blow-Out Brush to create volume or smooth hair while you blow-dry.

Follically Speaking

Four women with beautiful hair enjoying summer.

Even though your hair doesn’t grow faster in summer, you want to keep it looking fabulous.

Everyone at Spornette knows that the proper brush for your hair type is essential for glowing and robust hair. Choose a great brush to add to your summer hair care regimen.

Visit us today to take a peek at our wide selection of hairbrushes, rounders, paddles, detanglers, and more! You, and your fabulous hair, will be glad that you did.

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5 Stunning Summer Hair Colors For 2021

A woman sipping a cocktail with bright hair and wearing sunglasses.

Greetings, hair enthusiasts, and happy Summer 2021! What a perfect time to show off your stunning new summer hair color by the pool, beach, or backyard party. 

Spornette is at the heart of every style, and no hair color is complete without a brush from Spornette. Have a good hair day EVERY day with your new fashion color and a high-quality hairbrush from Spornette.

Stunning Summer Hair Colors

The often-used saying that “blondes have more fun” is outdated and simply NOT accurate.

Just ask the Kardashians. 

And speaking of celebrities, check out which hair trend your favorite celebrity is sporting for ideas! Also, be sure to factor in your skin tone when choosing a new hair color.

#1. Jet Black Hair

A black woman on a yellow background with curly black hair. Jet black hair is a great summer hair color

If you want a more sultry look, embracing the dark side is the way to go.

Add some desirable dimension with subtle highlights, lowlights, or clear or tinted hair gloss. Extra shine will keep your locks looking healthy and glamorous. To maintain shiny hair on a daily basis, reach for the Deville 100% Boar Cushion Brush from Spornette. Boar bristles distribute the hair’s natural oils to add gorgeous luster and shine.

If your hair’s on the thicker side, reach for the Classic German Porcupine cushion brush instead. The extended nylon bristles will help to penetrate thick hair, while the boar bristles add a lustrous shine!

Tired of the highlighted look and want to go solid bold? Choose a monochromatic look for your black hair! Black is one of the hottest summer hair colors this year!

Note: If your hair isn’t naturally dark or jet black, it’s time to call a professional! Especially if your natural color is lighter. Check with your salon, as getting to a true black can be tricky and might not suit your skin tone.

#2. Brunette Hair

A brunette laughing in front of a staue during a summer vacation. One of the popular summer hair colors is brown hair.

Avoid falling into the hair trap that says you need a vibrant shade to stand out. 

Your dark chocolate hair is just as stunning as any brighter hue.

If you’re tired of your one-toned, overall color, fear not! Adding cool-toned or chocolate brown lights on brunette hair will add stunning dimension while still looking natural.

If your hair is natural brown, you can opt for a low-maintenance style with a soft blonde ombre using the balayage technique. With no harsh lines, you’ll get to keep your natural brunette hair and can ditch the blonde with a haircut during the cooler months.

If you’re a natural blonde and want to try something a bit darker, ash brown could be your new shade! Ash brown hair looks incredible with a tan. Use a little sea salt spray and the Little Wonder Teasing Brush to create a tousled, messy look that screams, “I live by the beach!”

#3. Red Hair

A red head twirling her hair at the beach

Red hair will be the reigning queen this summer. 

Red hair is a powerful and stylish statement, and if you haven’t been blessed with naturally red hair? No problem. This coveted look is only an appointment away.

Whether you want a warm, vibrant, dark, or bright shade of red, your look will be unique and desirable. 

Ask your stylist about sporting red hair with highlights, a stunning red hair balayage, or an all-over cinnamon shade. 

Adding red or copper highlights into your existing color is on-trend as well. Be bold! Be brave. 

Then watch as envious eyes follow you across the room. Don’t be surprised when someone interrupts you and your glass of French rosé to inquire, “who does your hair?!” 

#4. Blonde Hair

An ice blonde woman with space buns on a yellow background.

The sky’s the limit with your blonde, strawberry blonde, honey, or sun-kissed hair. Whether a natural or salon blonde, your blonde shades are the perfect palette for experimentation.

Platinum, highlights, lowlights, an eye-catching balayage, and much, much more are at your command. With so many avenues, looking at images online or in magazines is an excellent idea before heading to the salon.

  • Blonde: Lighten your look with an overall color to compliment your skin tone. Or add highlights and lowlights for extra dimension and create the wow factor.
  • Strawberry Blonde: Consider amping up your look with some reddish streaks of color. It’s a tremendous on-trend summer hair color that adds dimension to your light hair and warmth to your face.
  • Honey Tones: This rich combination of dark and warm tones integrated into blonde hair gets its name from honey bees. This beautiful hair color combo compliments most skin tones.
  • Buttercream: This yummy and soft look will set you apart from other blondes. Rich and creamy, like frosting, your hair will look downright edible! 

#5. Funky Colors

A woman flipping her brightly colored hair.

Adding a funky color to your locks is a fun technique, wildly popular, and highly customizable. “Unicorn Hair” is very popular and created by layering stunning pastel colors such as:

  • Lavender
  • Soft pink
  • Mint
  • Orange and lemon sherbert
  • Metallics such as silver or rose gold

Other unique color options include:

  • Colorful Roots: Adding color to your roots is a fun and vibrant way to add unexpected contrast to your look.
  • Electrifying Color: Teal, blues, purples, sherbert tones, bright orange, and mermaid green are exciting ways to create a bold and unique look. Think Billie Eilish! 
  • White Hair: This wintry look is enough to cool anyone down on a hot day. Grab a high-quality purple shampoo and conditioner to ensure the longevity of your color.

As with ANY summer hair color, sun, saltwater, and pool chemicals aren’t your hair’s best friend. Be sure to read up on how to protect your hair this season.

Brush With Success

A beautoful black woman smiling on a pink background and wearing a pink outfit.

Proper and regular brushing is essential for healthy hair, whether colored or natural! Spornette knows this and has been in the hairbrush business for over 60 years. Spornette has the perfect brush for your needs.

Visit us today for your hair care needs, or purchase a gift card for someone in your life whose hair is their crowning glory!

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7 Stunning Professional Hairstyles for Zoom Work Meetings

A woman in a professional suit walking while holding a laptop

The office has continued to evolve to include home created workspaces. Going to work now could mean going to the next room over after your morning coffee. Making Zoom-ready easy, professional hairstyles just became easier with Spornette brushes. 

Whether you’re attending a Zoom meeting or virtual job interview, professional hairstyles for women have had to evolve with the times. Just because you may be conducting your business from home doesn’t mean you get to show off your bed head all day.

At the heart of every style is the perfect brush. Spornette has put together for you 7 professional and easy hairstyles, paired with just the right Spornette brush to create the look.

A woman wearing a simple braid as a professional hairstyle and posing

1. The Simple Braid

Having a professional look for your next Zoom meeting doesn’t need to take hours in the bathroom to create. Keeping your style easy and simple does less work for you in the morning but still conveys professionalism to the camera.

A braid is a very classic and easy look to achieve. Sure, if you have the time, you can create a great look with a tightly woven French braid. However, a smooth and simple braid shows confidence and beauty. 

A simple braid is often dependent on hair being smoother, silkier. Right out of the shower can help maintain that soft look. A multi-use cushion brush like the Classic German Porcupine can help you get those locks smooth and shiny for the perfect simple braid. You can even dress up the look with a bow! 

A woman working at a laptop with a high ponytail

2. A High and Wrapped Ponytail

For those Zoom meetings that require a more refined look, something contemporary would be a great option. Think sleek, every hair in its place. With a few bobby pins, the perfect paddle brush, and a little hairspray or mousse, this next look is also easy as pie.

A high pony is super easy and classic, good for play, work, or evening. Transform the look into a more modern style and a bit more elegant by wrapping your high ponytail. The shine from the wrap of your hair around the pony holder transcends a simple pony into something more.

Like the simple low braid, this style requires your hair to be smooth as silk. Using our Luxury Cushion brush will help you smooth every strand to your head to create this gorgeous look. 

A half bun professional hairstyle

3. The Half and Half

At first glance, the half-up, half-down look of this style executed beautifully like such celebrities as Meghan Markel might seem a bit of a challenge. You don’t need to be a professional hairstylist to achieve this look. 

The beauty of the half and half look is versatile, looks different with every choice, and is much easier than it seems. A half-bun hairstyle hides all manner of sins. No one is looking at the back of your head on camera, anyway.

Another look to hop out of the shower and create is the half and half. You can easily achieve this look with a cool vented brush like our Ion Fusion Vent.

A portrait of a woman wearing a top knot professional hairstyle

4. The Top Knot

An easy look that is casual and professional all at the same time is the insanely popular top knot. The coolest thing about the top knot is that it looks like you spent hours on your look, when in fact, that’s a secret hard no. Easy and elegant, the top knot looks great on camera. 

Literally, for those with longer locks, you take ‘em and twist ‘em around your hand and knot ‘em. You can take a pony holder to help “tie the knot” or use some bobby pins to hold the look in place. Gently pulling some strands out to frame your face adds a sweet softness to your look. 

A paddle brush like the Deville 100% Boar Cushion helps give you the smoothness you need while working on the knot and create the effortless look that looks anything but.

A woman with the ends of her hair flipped out ina professional looking style

5. Get Flipped Out

Flipping out on a Zoom meeting isn’t cool at all – unless you are talking about your hair! Some of these up-dos turn into up-don’ts for those with shorter hair because you may not have enough locks to achieve them.

Fear not, friends! Simple, classic, and totally you, flipping the ends of your hair out gives you a great and easy professional look. With a little heat and just the right rounding brush like the Spornette Pronto, you’ll have this perfect look in no time flat – more time for coffee!

A woman posing ina professional outfit with wavy hair

6. Ride the Waves

Beach hair, don’t care – the motto of a lazy weekend day or the perfect Boss day at work. Sweet and gentle waves are a great look, regardless of the length of your locks. Wavy hair is surprisingly versatile as well – choose a middle part, side part, or tucked behind the ear, and they all ride the wave!

Since you want to help your waves come along with good heat without damage, the Spornette Magnesium Miracle brush is the perfect option. It can take the heat and infuse your hair with it while keeping it gentle on your hair. 

A womanw ith straight hair and wearing triangle clips

7. Straight Up with a Bit of Bling

You look at your alarm and realize that your Netflix binge the night before may have gone a little long. Your time is precious, and you need a look that is super fast – and super professional.

Jumping out of the shower just in time for that Zoom meeting seems like a nightmare, but it can actually be a sweet dream come true. Grab your favorite headband or sparkly clip and your vented “9300” Vent Brush. With a quick blow-dry to create a straight hair look, you are good to hop on Zoom and start your day. 

Professional Hairstyles for the Office or Zoom

A woman having a work Zoom meeting

Choosing what type of sense of humor to have for your day should be the hardest part of it. Your hairstyle should be effortless without looking like it. Spornette brushes help you achieve that professional hairstyle for your Zoom meeting without infringing on your important coffee time in the mornings!

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What Do Ball-Tipped Bristles Do?

Woman tossing her hair on a yellow background

Hair’s life matters. The type of brush you use also matters for the long-term health of your hair. If you’re a person that cares about your hair, then you will no doubt love Spornette’s variety of brushes with ball-tipped bristles. 

The brushes with ball-tipped bristles from Spornette offer many benefits for all types of hair. From fine to coarse or curly, and everywhere between, Spornette’s ball-tipped bristles will revolutionize how you brush your hair. 

Give your hair the softness and shine it deserves. Spornette offers an extensive line of brushes so all hair types can benefit.

What are ball-tipped bristles?

Spornette Classic Gentle Cushion Dual Bristle Hairbrush overhead view

You’ve no doubt noticed the tiny balls on the ends of certain styles of brushes. The infamous ball tip has permeated its way into nearly every home across the country since its conception. From dollar stores to high-end salons, many people think brushes have always been made that way. 

Most early brushes were made of natural fibers. However, it wasn’t until the 1890’s that an African American female inventor named Lyda Newman developed what we would consider the “modern-day” brush. 

Made of synthetic bristles, the brush Lyda invented eventually developed into the various vented, paddle, and cushion styles. 

The evolution of the ball-tip itself has unknown origins. It was most likely developed to cushion the scalp from the sometimes blunt ends of the nylon spokes. 

Even though nylon was easier to produce via the mass market, natural fibers had still been preferred for shine and comfort. However, when the ball tip became more mainstream, it quickly became the leader of the pack.  

People quickly found out the ball tips were just as good, if not better than natural fibers. Nylon fibers made getting through thick, tough hair tolerable to brush; something natural fibers could never do. 

Those with straight or mildly wavy hair also noticed the difference. The nylon fibers, combined with the ball-tip, allowed the brush to glide effortlessly through nearly straight tresses. 

Due to nylon’s superior detangling benefits, prolonged use ensured less breakage overtime for all hair types. Less breakage equals healthier, more beautiful hair.

All these benefits quickly made nylon ball-tips stand out above the crowd. 

How Can a Ball-Tipped Bristles Benefit Me? 

Thin blue and black rounder brush with long ball-tipped bristles top view

The round toppers were added to nylon fibers to protect and cushion the scalp from the blunt nylon fibers’ sometimes sharp ends. Those with sensitive scalps could rest assured that they were protecting their scalps. 

Like microbeads in soaps and cleansers, the ball-tipped bristles can help exfoliate dead skin cells. Exfoliating the scalp provides more oxygen to the shaft, in turn stimulating more blood flow. When done consistently, this stimulation can promote healthier hair growth. 

Who doesn’t want a more luscious mane? From fine to coarse, straight to curly, all hair types can benefit from a ball-tipped brush. 

Which Brush is Right for Me?

Spornette Ion Fusion Hairbrush

Much like finding the right pair of shoes, finding the right brush may take some trial and error. Thankfully, Spornette offers a wide variety of hairbrushes so that you can find the brush of your dreams. Each of Spornette’s hairbrushes is designed for specific purposes. 

So how can you know which one of Spornette’s styling brushes to choose? We could easily recommend all of them, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Start with your hair type. Do you have curly hair? Straight? Fine? Thick? 

Once you have identified your hair type, next think about your hair routine and how you might use the brush to enhance what you are already doing. 

Do you typically style your hair when it’s wet or dry? Is your hair color-treated? Do you have a sensitive scalp? Are you looking to keep the hair’s natural texture or wanting to smooth it down?

Finally, think about the look you’re going for. Do you want to detangle a disheveled mess? Possibly enhance your curls? Or give your straight hair some extra shine? 

All hair types can benefit from one of Spornette’s amazing brushes. 

Simple Solutions for Amazing Hair

A portrait of a girl with pretty hair

Now that you’ve narrowed down what you are looking for let’s take a look into some of Spornette’s brushes that are perfect for the job. 

  • Vented Brushes: Vented brushes are great for wet hair, allowing for fast dry times and brushing ease. They slide easily through even the thickest of hair. The wide-set nylon spokes help reduce breakage, preventing split ends.

Do you live in a dry climate and struggle with hair that is prone to static? The 9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush is the perfect tool to help detangle. This brush with ball-tipped bristles is ideal for styling your hair with a blow-dryer while preventing unwanted static cling.

  • Paddle Brushes: Paddle brushes are a girl’s best friend when it comes to styling. Spornette’s Ion Fusion Paddle Brush glides effortlessly through long, delicate locks. Its single-piece handle prevents hair from getting wrapped around the shaft. The ball-tipped bristles have a negative ionic charge, preventing static and frizz while protecting the scalp.
  • Cushion Brushes – cushion styles are great for already dried hair. The Classic Nylon is great for classic brush-outs, finishing, and styling. These brushes are an amazing tool to have in your arsenal against frizz and fly-aways. 
  • Combination Fibers: Like the comfort of both ball-tipped bristles and natural fibers? Look no further than Spornette’s Classic German Porcupine

The best of both worlds come together in this brush. The comfort of the ball tip, the smooth shine natural fibers produce. You can’t go wrong! 

Buy One or Buy Them All? 

dark purple cushion brush with white bristles

It’s hard to narrow your choices down to just one brush. Thankfully, Spornette’s brushes are at the heart of every style, making each brush a sure bet for gorgeous hair. 

Their unparalleled line of brushes has transformed how people use such a simple tool.

Check out their website today to see how one of Spornette’s brushes with ball-tipped bristles can benefit you!

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Incredible Hairbrushes for Men

A smiling man on a warm background with nice hair

Most people need a hairbrush. What you may not know is the hairbrush you use can make an incredible difference in style. This idea even applies to hairbrushes for men. Brushes are not one-size-fits-all, just as no hair type is the same.

You want a brush that works with you whether your hair is straight, wavy, thin, or thick. Spornette offers incredible hairbrushes for men in a variety of styles. Regardless of what type of brush you need to work your style, you’ll find it on Spornette

We are going to give you the inside information on the best hairbrushes for men. If you want great looking hair, day in and day out, read on for the best in hair styling and maintenance!

Spornette Professional Hairbrushes for Men

Bolero Boar Men’s Styler Hairbrush

small dark wooden paddle brush

This brush is so great because it is ideal for style and maintaining healthy hair. The Bolero Boar Men’s Styler hairbrush is excellent for men with fine or medium hair, so it is quite versatile! 

Made from 100% boar bristles, The Bolero Boar Men’s Styler Hairbrush is great for creating a natural look every day. 

Why boar bristles? They keep your hair healthy by distributing natural oils evenly through the scalp, keeping hair conditioned and clean. The brush helps to create natural shine without the need for additional products.

The brush has a slender, rectangular shape with a wooden handle making it easy to use for all. 

It is a brush every man should keep in their hairbrush arsenal.

Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hairbrush

wooden paddle brush with black cushion

What makes this brush stand out is the ability to detangle and style. This hairbrush for men is made of nylon bristles so that it can penetrate any hair type. 

Nylon bristles are great because they are flexible, so they can work through tough knots yet are gentle on delicate hair. Under the bristles is a rubber cushion, allowing for some movement and forgiveness as you style and brush your hair. 

It is a stunning hairbrush for men, with a wooden handle that gives it a rustic look–perfect for any bathroom counter. Brush your hair with ease with the Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hairbrush

Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush

Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush

Are you looking for a brush that creates noticeable lift and volume when you brush your hair? Then the Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush will be one for you to invest in when looking for the right styling tool. Men love it, but women often steal their husbands to use it for their own! 

This brush offers control and manageability for all hair types. It is an excellent hairbrush for men due to a curved bristle pattern and flexibility. It creates perfect tension for men’s styles. 

Like other Spornette brushes, it has a masculine wooden handle that is not only on-trend but also functional. Many love that it is lightweight, while the nylon bristles move through the hair with ease. 

If you want significant volume, we recommend lifting the hair as you brush up while you blow-dry. Think up from the scalp and towards the ceiling! 

Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Facial Hair Brush

Bolero Facial Hair Brush for men

Brushes aren’t just for the hair on your head! The Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Facial Hair Brush is the ultimate tool for caring for your facial hair. 

This brush’s slender shape makes it ideal for precise brushing on small areas like the upper lip. The 100% natural boar bristles help to condition and nourish your facial hair and the skin underneath. 

Use this brush to keep your facial hair cleaner, remove dead hair strands, and stimulate growth. Your facial hair will never look better once you get your hands on this brush!

Classic German Porcupine

Classic German Porcupine dual bristle hairbrush

The Classic German Porcupine is a great hairbrush for men who are looking for classic style. It is a mixed bristle brush, combining nylon and boar hair bristles in what we call a “porcupine cluster.” 

The combination is fantastic because the boar bristles increase blood flow in the scalp and add shine. The nylon bristles can penetrate any hair type, making this brush suitable for nearly everyone!

What you get as a result is natural, healthy-looking hair that allows you to extend the in-between time shampoos. 

This great hairbrush for men features a lightweight wooden handle offering prime functionality. Brush out regularly to give your hair a boost of health every day!

Mini Rounder

Mini rounder small round dual bristle hairbrush

Some brushes work for everything! The Mini Rounder can set, style, and add volume to just about every hair type for men. 

Like other versatile hairbrushes for men, this brush also has a combination of nylon and boar bristles. The compact style makes it an excellent choice for men and women with short hair.

Its size can offer precise styling while the combination of bristles creates hold with ease. It has a silver metal barrel that heats while blow-drying, so you can create volume while you lift as you style.

The simple black handle is sleek and easy to maneuver. The Mini Rounder is a brush that is simple yet effective!

Mini Stylers: Boar and Nylon

Mini Stlyer nylon

Are you still considering other incredible hairbrush options for men? The Mini Styler Boar Brush is for men who want a small brush that will always add volume and style. This brush is suited for all hair types.

The brush’s barrel is only .75″ so considered a mini option compared to other available hairbrushes. The extra small size is ideal for short hairstyles as you maneuver and access hard to reach sections of hair.  

The Mini Stylers Nylon Brush is another option featuring gentle, ball-tipped, nylon bristles. It is also a mini brush and will allow for precision styling of short hair. The lightweight handle makes it comfortable to use without the worry of hand cramping or fatigue as you style. 

Though it is small in size, it can create incredible volume. For best results, pull up from the hair roots as you dry or style.

Spornette Offers the Best Hairbrushes for Men Who Know Style

A men with a trendy hairstyle on a pink background

No matter your needs, we have a brush that can go beyond your expectations! With so many options, make sure you are choosing the one that is most suitable for you. 

Spornette is a company that specializes in hairbrushes for both professionals and everyday users. We have a wide range of brushes available so you can be sure you find the right tool to be at the center of your style. 

Check out our men’s section on the Spornette website and add one of our incredible hairbrushes for men to your cart today!