XL Nylon Rounders

XL Nylon Rounders
XL Nylon Rounders


Description of the XL Nylon Rounders

Is your long, thick hair hard to style? The XL Nylon Rounders make styling long hair a breeze! This brush’s extra-long bristles penetrate any hair type and securely hold the hair in place while styling. This brush is suitable for all hair types, so it’s perfect to use at home or on clients at the salon.




The XL Nylon round brushes come in two diameters: Medium (2.25”), Large (2.75”). Diameter selection is important. For shorter layers, go with a smaller diameter, and for longer layers, select a larger diameter.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the long, soft nylon bristles are longer than standard round brushes. The longer bristles can easily penetrate the thickest hair and keep long strands securely in place.


 this brush features double-stranded bristles. Double-stranded means that the XL Nylon Rounder has more bristles than other round brushes, creating maximum tension and speeding up dry time. Extra-long bristles easily hold long hair into place effortlessly, making blow-outs a breeze.


  • Do not roll this brush tightly. Keep the hair on top of the bristles and roll continually through the hair

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6 reviews for XL Nylon Rounders

  1. Happy Kat

    This brush was recommended by my stylist many years ago. I still use it and love it! It may not be the nicest looking brush out there but it makes styling my baby fine hair easy and quick.

  2. Diana Jamison

    The absolute BEST Brush out there!

  3. Sara Desmond

    The best brush for brushing though my extensions. And great cost too.

  4. Erin Inez

    I always come back to this brush!! There is nothing like it . My clients end up buying it too.

  5. Erin Dean

    My absolute favorite brush. Makes styling easy even for people who think they can’t style hair. My clients love it and want it as well. It’s not been easy to find though. Glad I can purchase here.

  6. Debbie

    I have used this brush for decades. I LOVE it. The best ever! Something else about this brush. My cats love it. Best brush for cats ever, too. Probably dogs and other animals, too.

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