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  • largemedium sized black and white rounder brush Spornette Professional Brushes

Touche Reinforced Boar 2.75 Inch 135


This brush is for: Smoothing, volumizing, defrizzing, and styling fine, wavy, and normal hair types. With the Touche Reinforced Boar brushes, you can create soft waves and straighten hair. The nylon bristles can penetrate thick hair and make it suitable for any hair type.

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the Touche Reinforced Boar round brushes come in five different diameters: 2” (extra small), 2.25” (small), 2.75” (medium), 3” (large), 3.25” (extra large). For shorter hair, select a smaller diameter for more control. For longer hair work with a larger diameter to speed up the styling process.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the reinforced boar bristles are set into the brush’s barrel block somewhat off-center. This setting design allows the bristles to have extra give and makes it feel like the brush has been broken in.


the cushion foam handle of the Touche Reinforced Boar brush adds superior comfort and grip while styling. The boar bristles increase hair and scalp health with regular use. Boar bristles distribute natural oils, making hair incredibly shiny and nourished. Stimulate blood flow and gently massage the scalp with every use!


  • When using a round brush, section your hair and start working from the bottom up for the best results.


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