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Swizzle Detangling Brush Black #Z-2

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Spornette Swizzle Cushioned Oval Shape Detangling Hair Brush Ball Tipped Wavy Nylon Bristles for Sensitive Scalp, Anti-Static, Reducing Flyaways and Breakage. For Women, Men and Children

RIMPED WAVY BRISTLES: These wavy bristles help to smooth and gently detangle hair easily. This type of bristle creates less overall tension on the hair reducing breakage, flyaways and static. This design keeps hair more healthy overall.
BALL-TIPPED BRISTLES FOR SENSITIVE SCALP: The unique ball tipped bristle design makes brushing comfortable for any one. Children and people with a sensitive scalp will benefit greatly from this brush.
FOR WET AND DRY HAIR: Use this brush on dry or wet hair to gently detangle. Great for use in the shower with conditioner and other hair treatments to maximize the detangling effects.
FOR DETANGLING ALL HAIR TYPES: Simply and effectively detangle any hair type. Use this brush to glide through all hair types in seconds. Ideal for coarse, damaged hair or very fine, straight and easily tangled hair.
CUSHIONED OVAL BODY: This classic shaped brush is perfect for travel and daily brushing at home. The ultra comfortable wavy bristles give when they encounter a snag reducing hair damage and preventing breakage.

1 review for Swizzle Detangling Brush Black #Z-2

  1. Mariana Ashley

    I love this brush. They used to sell it at #ultabeauty, but for some reason, I cannot find it anymore. So glad it is here!
    It feels great on my head and helps with detangling hair.

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