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  • red rounder brush with black handle Spornette Professional Brushes

Smooth Operator Collection 3 Inch 3375


This brush is for: readily styling and smoothing normal, thick, and fine hair types. The Smooth Operator round brushes are perfectly crafted for use on short, medium, and long styles.

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the Smooth Operator Collection features four barrel sizes. 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 3.5” barrels allow for styling short and long ‘dos. For even faster styling, opt for the Long Smooth Operator Collection.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the Smooth Operator Brushes utilize an aerated, ion infused ceramic barrel. This barrel helps maintain heat while easily breaking up water molecules to prevent frizz and create super smooth locks.


the single-piece handles help to prevent hair from getting caught and tangled. The bright red barrel makes these round brushes a statement piece in any brush collection.


  • For the best smoothing results, work the brush through small sections of hair.


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