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  • black rounder brush with multi length bristles Spornette Professional Brushes

Smooth and Shine Collection 2.75 Inch SS-105


Spornette’s New Angle on Dual Bristle Hair Brushes

This Brush is for: women with thicker hair who are searching for the perfect brush for blow-outs, styling, and straightening. It’s also wonderfully suited for other hair types, including fine or damaged hair. Rather than struggling to get that extra shine and smoothness from other brushes, this unique dual bristle brush delivers what it promises.

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The Smooth & Shine round brush comes in three diameters: Small (2 1/8”), Medium (2 ½”) and Large (2 3/4”). Selecting the correct diameter for your hair is important. Sometimes, you need more than one diameter. Size matters because as you section your hair, some sections may be long (Large), while others may be shorter (small or medium).

Styling Features:

what makes this brush unique is the 45o angled boar bristles which gathers and holds hair more effectively than standard straight bristles. Combined with the straight extended Tourmaline Ionic Nylon bristles, you can expect stronger hair, better definition, healthier hair and lasting effects. This dual action, boar and nylon brush locks the hair into place while styling and blow-drying.


the rubber grip handle allows for ergonomic control and improves comfort and ease of use. The better the control of the brush, the more control you will have as you style your hair. In addition, there is a removable pick in the handle for easy sectioning.


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