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Prego Collection 3.5″ 277


This brush is for: creating epic volume while styling the hair. The Prego Collection is ideal for smoothing and removing any kinks from the hair. Create soft curls, waves, and smooth any hair type.

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this brush features six different barrel diameters for various hair lengths. 1.5”, 2” (small), 2.5” (medium), 3” (large), 3.5” (extra large), 4” (jumbo). For layered hair or bangs, multiple barrel sizes will create the best look.

Styling Features; What makes it unique: 

the ceramic vented barrel maximizes the drying area while transmitting heat to set and dry hair faster. The Prego Collection speeds up dry time with tourmaline-enhanced nylon bristles that break up water molecules. Thus reducing brittleness and allowing strands to stretch more easily without breaking.


the 10” foam handle allows for a comfortable and sturdy grip to prevent cramping during use. The foam handle also helps keep the brush light, making it comfortable for long periods of use. The eye-catching blue barrel stands out among other brushes and styling tools.


  • Dry hair to about 70% dry before styling with a round brush for the fastest dry time and minimal damage


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