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Long Smooth Operator


Long Smooth Operator Collection features an Aerated Ion Infused Ceramic Barrel that is more than 10% longer than other  Ceramic Barrel Brushes.  This barrel  is great for longer sections of hair and enhances the ease of blow dry and styling.

  • Tourmaline Ionic Bristle Hairbrush 2 inch (#4465)
  • Tourmaline Ionic Bristle Hairbrush 2 1/2 inch (#4470)
  • Tourmaline Ionic Bristle Hairbrush 3 inch (#4475)
  • Tourmaline Ionic Bristle Hairbrush 3 1/2 inch (#4477)

The one piece ouch-less handled brush reduces tangles and snarls. Each brush feature Ions or Tourmaline powders which emit ions when used with styling tools. These ions breakup water molecules, reducing brittleness and permitting the hair to be more soft and stretchable.


2 Inch, 2.5 Inch, 3 Inch, 3.5 Inch


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