Ion Fusion Vent

Ion Fusion Vent



Use this brush to create volume and gently detangle all hair types. The Ion Fusion Vent is an excellent and effective multi-tasking brush.



Styling Features; What makes it unique: 

the Ion Fusion Vent features ion-infused, tourmaline bristles that effortlessly break up water molecules and smooth hair. The flexible bristles gently but efficiently work through tough knots without damage.


the vented design allows air to easily pass through the brush, drying, and styling hair faster. Ball-tipped bristles gently massage the scalp and protect the hair from stretching or breaking. The Ion Fusion Vent is a one-piece hairbrush that prevents hair from getting stuck in any gaps or the handle.

Also Comes in pink!


  • When working through tough tangles, start at the ends of the hair and work up towards the scalp
  • To create maximum volume while blow-drying, lift the hair up and away from the scalp and towards the ceiling.

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Pink, Teal

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    Karen Anderson

    I love this brush. It is perfect with wet hair and does not pull on my hair. My hair is very thick and takes forever to dry. With this brush being a vent, it takes much less time to blow dry. Love Love Love!

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