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  • small sized copper colored round brush with teal vent color Spornette Professional Brushes

Ion Fusion Rounder 2 Inch 182

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This brush is for: crafting soft curls, big volume, and sleek hair. The Ion Fusion Rounder is perfectly suited for all hair types and can smooth and style even the frizziest hair.

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Available on backorder


with three different barrel diameters, there is a brush size for every hair length. The Ion Fusion Rounder comes in 2″, 2.5″ and 3″ sizes.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the crimped bristles help grip the hair and keep it in place. These bristles are ion-charged and help prevent frizz and static.


the bronze and turquoise color scheme make a striking pair. The single-piece handle prevents hair from getting caught in the handle of the brush. The Ion Fusion Rounder features a ceramic, aerated barrel that takes on the hair-dryer’s heat, speeding up dry time and making hair incredibly shiny.


  • Create curls with a round brush by removing the hair from the barrel in a spiral motion, maintaining the shape of the curl


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