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  • round copper colored brush with blue cushion Spornette Professional Brushes
  • round copper colored brush with blue cushion Spornette Professional Brushes

Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion

(2 customer reviews)


This brush is for: brushing out and smoothing thick, thin, normal, curly, wavy, and straight hair types. Get professional results at home with the Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion oval brush.

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(2 customer reviews)

Styling Features; What makes it unique: 

the long nylon bristle penetrates all hair types with ease. The surrounding shorter boar bristles create a tuft of bristles. These boar bristles nourish, soften, add shine, and boost the overall health of the hair and scalp.


the Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion is ideal for styling, shaping, and setting subtle waves. The smooth bronze handle is a single piece without gaps or ridges, protecting the hair from getting caught in the handle. The forgiving cushion helps reduce the ‘shock” of brushing and makes it ideal for brushing out knots. The multi-tasking oval shape means that it is perfect for helping smooth and straighten the hair. 


  • Regularly brushing with a boar bristle brush helps to keep the scalp and hair in excellent health

Boar/Nylon Cushion Brush

2 reviews for Ion Fusion Boar/Nylon Cushion

  1. Spornette Professional Brushes

    erica nelson

    I have other brushes like this, but this is my favorite. It feels great on my head, kind of tingly. I use it for brushing my hair out and even for my daughter’s ponytails!

  2. Spornette Professional Brushes

    Ashley J.

    Found this brush at a beauty supply and have been using it since. I use it for detangling, teasing, volume, and ponytails. My brother loves to brush his beard out with it when he can get his hands on it. Ive had it for years. Ive had this brush longer than ive been married haha.

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