G Porcupine

G Porcupine


Description of the G Porcupine

The G Porcupine round brush is perfect for creating shape, control, curled-under ends, and flip styles. This dual-bristle brush works well on all hair types and textures, but it is amazing for thick and curly hair.




this round brush comes in a variety of diameters and sizes for all hair lengths. The 1.75” G-Porcupine features a rat tail handle that easily creates parts and directs hair strands while you style. There are also 2.25”, 2.75” and barrels. For longer hair, choose a larger brush.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the G Porcupine boar bristles evenly distribute natural hair oils throughout the hair shaft, enhancing shine, hair strength, and moisture. These boar bristles are reinforced with extended nylon bristles creating “porcupine” shaped tufts. Boar bristles hold hair in place as the nylon bristles penetrate any hair type.


the gorgeous wooden handle is a class act. The striking white nylon bristles stand out in the porcupine shape of the boar bristles.


  • Make sure hair is about 70% dry before styling with a round brush and blow-dryer

Additional information


1.75 Inch, 2.25 Inch, 2.75 Inch


Light Brown

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3 reviews for G Porcupine

  1. Alice Temple

    This is what my stylist uses! I got 2 sizes, I couldn’t figure out which one I liked better. It is REALLY good for smoothing and straightening my hair!

  2. Renee S

    I got the 2 inch brush. I love how easy it is to hold and the way it both straightens and smooths my hair. It also seems to magically add volume too!

  3. Lala

    This s my favorite round brush for achieving the smooth, straight look. HOWEVER, for long hair, you need at least a 3 inch, preferably a 3.5 inch for volume. Sponette needs to bring back the 3.5 inch diameter size. Anything smaller just doesn’t provide the same result.

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