Classic German Porcupine

Classic German Porcupine
Classic German Porcupine


Description of the Classic German Porcupine

This cushion brush is a high-quality dual-bristle brush. The Classic German Porcupine is suited to any hair type or length and easily detangles knots and tangles.



Styling Features; What makes it unique:

The “porcupine” clusters of boar and nylon bristles are winning combinations. The 100% natural boar hair bristles have hair and scalp health benefits and add shine and luster to every strand. The nylon bristles at the heart of every porcupine cluster can penetrate and detangle any hair type.


the Classic German Porcupine features a deep wooden handle that is lightweight yet luxurious. The warm red cushion effectively absorbs the “shock” while brushing, mitigating damage to the hair.


  • Regular brush-outs with a boar bristle brush can boost the appearance and health of the hair. Consistent use of boar bristle brushes results in increased blood flow, added shine, and extended time between shampooing.

Additional information


Dark Brown

Brush Type

Cushions, Mens

2 reviews for Classic German Porcupine

  1. Jamie Cass

    Wow. This brush is amazing. Worked so well with my hair. Love it.

  2. Cindy

    I have been using this porcupine brush for over 35 years (I’m nearly 40), and it is fantastic. I have waist length fine hair, but a lot of it, and this brush gently detangles without breakage. Please keep making them for another 60 years, so I never have to find a replacement!

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