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Classic Cushion Brush #26


This brush is for: brushing out and smoothing thick, thin, normal, curly, wavy, and straight hair types. It is perfect for those with Gentle Scalps.


Styling Features; What makes it unique:

The Spornette Classic Gentle Cushion features two levels and types of bristles. Nylon- tipped bristles help you work through severe tangles without breakage. The lower level boar bristles help hair maintain shine and strength by evenly distributing hair’s natural oils for enhanced moisture and sheen.


The Spornette Classic Gentle Cushion is perfect for releasing tangles, distributing hair’s natural oils while staying gentle on tender scalps. The black, white, and red design keeps this cushion brush looking like the classic it is.


● On wet or damp hair, use the Spornette Classic Gentle Cushion starting at the hair tips. Gently work your way through hair sections, detangling any knots slowly from end to root. Finish with a few long, slow brush strokes from the scalp to tip once the hair tangle-free.


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