Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hair Brush

Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hair Brush



Choose this brush if you’re looking to detangle and style men’s hair of any texture. The Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hairbrush is a tool every man needs for great-looking hair.



Styling Features; What makes it unique:

nylon bristles are clustered together in groups of three. The small clusters work through the hair gently. These nylon bristles are flexible but strong enough to work through tough knots or style men’s hair.


the lightweight wooden handle gives this brush a rustic look and practicality while adding a hint of masculinity. The bristles are backed by a forgiving cushion to lessen the “shock” while brushing. Nylon bristles can penetrate any hair type.


  • The groupings of nylon bristles make this brush the perfect styling tool for men’s and short hairstyles.
  • Bristles are cushioned for a more comfortable styling experience.

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