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  • Spornette Professional Brushes
  • brown wooden paddle brush with long stiff bristles against marble background Spornette Professional Brushes

Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush

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This brush is for: men and women who want a styling brush to craft epic volume and lift. The Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush was designed for men but is also loved by women. This brush helps with the control and the manageability of all hair types.

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(1 customer review)

Styling Features; What makes it unique: the Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush has a curved cushioned bristle pattern. The nine rows of flexible nylon bristles create the ideal tension for styling.


this handsome wooden brush is the perfect mix of good looks and functionality. The wooden handle is lightweight. Nylon bristles penetrate the hair with ease.


  • To create maximum volume, lift the hair with the brush straight up from the scalp towards the ceiling 

Bolero 100% Boar Styler, Bolero 100% Beard/Moustache Brush, Bolero Nylon Detangler, Bolero 9-Row Styler

1 review for Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush

  1. Spornette Professional Brushes

    Sherry N

    Great for Blow outs. A bit cheaper than my denman brush.

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