Anti-Static Vent Brush

Anti-Static Vent Brush



If you regularly style your hair with a blow-dryer, you need the Anti-Static Vent Brush. This hairbrush is also perfect for general brush-outs and creating gravity-defying volume for all hair types and lengths.



Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the 9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush features bristles that are treated with carbon, making them anti-static. The carbon-coated, ball-tipped bristles eliminate frizz and flyaways even in dry climates. Easily create beautiful, frizz-free volume when paired with a blow-dryer.


the MF in 9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush stands for Metro Flow. This brush uses large vents that allow air to pass through the hair effortlessly. Because the air can flow through, the hair is held securely in place. The section of hair won’t come loose with the force of the air from the blow-dryer. The rubberized grip prevents slippage and creates a comfortable hold. Choose between stunning purple or teal color options.


  • Hold the blow-dryer close to the hair without touching the brush or section of hair to allow optimal drying without damage
  • To create volume, brush upwards and outwards away from the scalp while using a blow-dryer

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Blue, Purple

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    Steve Smyth

    Great brush for my gym bag! I can use it in the shower too!

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