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Two types: Aerated. Brushes feature hundreds of small openings in the brush barrel to encourage rapid air flow thru the hair to reduce styling time. Non-Aerated. No openings. Long bristles are folded in half and are anchored into the brush. Hair is styled by direct heat. Round brushes have a multitude of styling uses. As a general rule, the length of hair section to be styled/dried/brushed determines the diameter of the brush to be used. This is why many women have a couple of diameters in their collection.

    • Magnesium Miracle Brushes


      This brush is for: women who want a gorgeous style in a flash. The Magnesium Miracle brushes feature a combination of boar and nylon bristles to hold and penetrate the hair, making it suited for all hair types and textures.

      The aerated ceramic barrel bristles and inner core are Magnesium-infused, allowing the brush to heat up and stay hot for ultra-fast drying and styling. The closed cap, inner core, and ceramic barrel enable the brush to heat up quickly like a convection oven.

    • Touche Aerated


      This brush is for: effortlessly styling thick, fine, and normal hair types. The Touche Aerated Collection is suitable for salon and at-home use.

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    • Smooth and Shine Collection


      Spornette’s New Angle on Dual Bristle Hair Brushes

      This Brush is for: women with thicker hair who are searching for the perfect brush for blow-outs, styling, and straightening. It’s also wonderfully suited for other hair types, including fine or damaged hair. Rather than struggling to get that extra shine and smoothness from other brushes, this unique dual bristle brush delivers what it promises.

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    • Prego Collection


      This brush is for: creating epic volume while styling the hair. The Prego Collection is ideal for smoothing and removing any kinks from the hair. Create soft curls, waves, and smooth any hair type.

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    • copper colored rounder brush with light blue vent

      Ion Fusion Rounder


      This brush is for: crafting soft curls, big volume, and sleek hair. The Ion Fusion Rounder is perfectly suited for all hair types and can smooth and style even the frizziest hair.

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    • long smooth operator 3.5 inch

      Long Smooth Operator


      This brush is for: women with long hair. The Long Smooth Operator Collection is suitable for all hair textures. The ionic, nylon bristles break up water molecules for a super-fast blow-dry and style.

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    • red rounder brush with black handle

      Smooth Operator Collection


      This brush is for: readily styling and smoothing normal, thick, and fine hair types. The Smooth Operator round brushes are perfectly crafted for use on short, medium, and long styles.

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    • XL Nylon Rounders


      This brush is for: women with long and thick hair, but it can comfortably be used for all hair types. The XL Nylon rounder is suitable for use on salon clients or at-home for everyday use.

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    • Italian rounder 955 xl

      Italian Rounder


      This brush is for: Medium to long hair lengths with thick, fine, curly, or straight hair types.

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    • G Porcupine


      This brush is for: People who have long, medium, or short hair. The G Porcupine round brush is perfect for creating shape, control, curled-under ends, and flip styles. This brush works well on all hair types and textures, but it is amazing for thick and curly hair.

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    • Pronto


      This brush is for: easily styling, smoothing, and straightening all lengths and hair types. Fortified bristles and an aerated barrel create gorgeous styles, Pronto!

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    • black and white rounder brush with dense bristles

      Touche Reinforced Boar


      This brush is for: Smoothing, volumizing, defrizzing, and styling fine, wavy, and normal hair types. With the Touche Reinforced Boar brushes, you can create soft waves and straighten hair. The nylon bristles can penetrate thick hair and make it suitable for any hair type.

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    • Square Heat Styler


      Your favorite Square Professional aerated hairbrush is back by popular demand with an all new handle, high heat resistant ionic bristles, and a very rich color scheme.

      • Small Square Heat Styler (#SQR-5)
      • Medium Square Heat Styler (#SQR-10)
      • Large Square Heat Styler (#SQR-15)
      • Extra-large Square Heat Styler (#SQR-20)
      • Use flat edge for straightening
      • Use corner for flip
      • Rotate for Curling
      • Roll brush for curl
    • Mini Rounder


      This brush is for: setting, styling, and adding volume to short hair and bangs. The Mini Rounder features a combination of nylon and boar bristles, making it suitable for curly, wavy, straight, fine, and thick hair types.

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    • Mini Stylers Boar


      This brush is for: men and women that want to style, smooth, and add volume to short hair and bangs. The Mini Stylers Boar is suitable for all hair types.

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    • Mini Stylers Nylon


      This brush is for: styling, adding volume, and setting bangs for short hairstyles on men and women. The Mini Stylers Nylon can penetrate any hair texture with the gentle, ball-tipped, nylon bristles.

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    • Deville 100% Boar Rounder


      This brush is for: smoothing and styling fine, normal, and straight hair types.

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