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Men's Brushes

Men often face special hair and mustache challenges and Spornette has designed a number of brushes exclusively for men and have added some of popular women’s brushes to the Men’s Collection that address men’s hair issues. The four brushes in the Bolero Collection are designed for men but women love them, too. The best way to describe them is they are gentle on the hair and scalp and deliver great style.

To get that high quality, spiffy looking hair every day, each morning start with brushing. The Spornette Men’s Hairbrushes are specifically designed to make the process quick and easy by creating a frictionless seal for easier hair removal – which means your strands will be thicker instead of thinner because you are ripping out the root when blasting through it!

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small wooden curved brush over head view
30-C Carry On
In Stock
Carry On
If you’re always on the go, purchase the Carry On...
Rated 4.00 out of 5
In Stock
Classic German Porcupine
This cushion brush is a high-quality dual-bristle brush. The Classic...
Rated 4.00 out of 5
Mini Styler Boar 2
HB-2 Mini Boar
In Stock
Mini Styler Boar
Style, smooth, and add volume to short hair and bangs...

Men's Brush FAQs

What are the benefits of natural, synthetic, and combo bristle men’s brushes?

Natural bristles are typically boar bristles. These bristles add shine and smooth hair, as well as boost the hair’s health.

Synthetic nylon bristles penetrate the hair and make detangling a dream. Combo bristle brushes are the best of both worlds and can detangle, smooth, and shine, and much more.

That's why we  put the two against each other and created the guide on how to diffuse curly hair! 

How should I use a beard/mustache brush?

Use a beard/mustache brush to keep your facial hair look well-kempt. Regularly using a beard and mustache brush can keep your facial hair and the skin underneath cleaner and healthier. A boar bristle beard and mustache brush may even encourage hair growth.

While brushing your facial hair feels incredible, be sure not to overdo it and be gentle. Brush the hair downwards to train your facial to lay in that direction.

Why use a mini rounder brush?

Use a mini rounder brush to style short hairstyles while using a blow-dryer. Mini rounder brushes are perfect for creating epic volume and smoothing the hair.

Are the Styler hairbrushes safe on all hair types?

Styler brushes that feature boar bristles only are best for use on medium to fine hair types. Styler hairbrushes with nylon brushes are safe on all hair types.

Can I use other brushes on Spornette besides those listed here for men?

You can absolutely use any Spornette hairbrush that is the right fit for you and your hair. However, be aware that large-sized barrel brushes are best for long hair and won’t be very efficient at styling short hair.

Are nylon or boar bristles better for styling?

When choosing between nylon and boar bristles, it’s best to consider your hair type. Boar bristle works well for smoothing and styling men’s hair that is normal or fine. If you have normal to thick hair, nylon bristles will help you slick back and style your hair better than boar bristles.

If you are unsure of which bristle type to chose, opt for a brush with both.

How do I choose the right sized brush?

When it comes to choosing a hairbrush size, the general rule of thumb is that the shorter hair you have, the smaller brush you should be using.

How do I clean my brush?

Clean your men’s hairbrush by first taking out hairs caught in the brush’s bristles. Using a gentle shampoo and warm water, suds up your brush to remove any oil or product build-up. Rinse away the remaining soap without fully submerging the brush in water to protect any adhesive from loosening.

Are there any men’s brushes that may have benefits over another?

When hairbrushes have boar bristles, there are added hair health benefits that come with them. Boar bristles help to distribute the scalp’s natural oils throughout the hair evenly. Doing so nourishes and moisturizes the hair and adds natural shine.

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