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Spornette Professional Hair Brushes

Make your hair styling experience even greater with Spornette International hair brushes. At Spornette, we carry a vast selection of high quality professional hair brushes for salon stylists or for personal home use that help to style hair with precision and ease. Spornette hair brushes include vented brushes; cushion brushes, round brushes, paddle brushes and teasing brushes. We even carry specialty Spornette brushes for keratin treated hair and brushes for wigs and extensions.

High Quality Hair Brushes for All Hair Types

No matter if hair is long, short, straight or curly; we offer high quality Spornette hair brushes for all hair types. At Spornette International, we understand that all hair is different so it is our job to make sure Spornette brushes cater to every hair type. Our professional, high quality hair brushes range from Italian wood brushes, environmentally friendly bamboo brushes, brushes to create shine, brushes to reduce frizz and more. Spornette hair brushes are the perfect tools to keep hair looking and feeling healthy and fantastic.

Types of professional hair brushes

Some of our top selling hair brush styles include:

Both professional hair stylists and at home users love our Spornette hair brushes because they each offer certain features to cater towards specific hair needs. Boar and nylon bristle round and paddle brushes are the most common brush types and the most effective when it comes to styling. Ceramic brushes cater to the usage of heat when blow drying or styling hair with hot tools. Italian brush selections are crafted from fine Italian wood offering total comfort when brushing and styling and teasing brushes like the Little Wonder are great for teasing and adding volume.